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What do you folks do in real life ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Samseed, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. age: 18

    sex : male

    marital status: singel

    religion: I worship the fact that religion hasnt effected me. Nah serious i think about weird too much to follow a religion fully.

    Location: Whistler BC, From scotland though, living here but not for much longer.

    Employment: Line chef in a Resturant/brewery (does have advantages)

    INterests: Keeping as far away from the temptation of UO as possable, riding powder, skating about, experementing, and learning to spell.

    Sport: boardridind in general, akido, some other .

    Music: A lot of stuff, in my discman right now i have a disk called "mix". hope that gives a good idea.

    Political: Was a candidate in a mock school election once and the results of our in class vote excactly matched the order of the results in the real standings of the parties in the real local election. nuff said about the mentality of polititians.

    Loves: beer

    Hates: beer

    Piccie: OK
  2. Well, I might as well post it...

    Age - 16 tomorrow

    not married (obviously)

    Religion - non denominational christian

    Location - Fairbanks AK.

    Employment - Part time at the local car wash /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Interests - Hockey, watching tv and movies, reading fantasy (if you catch my drift.. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Sport - Hockey-Pittsburg Penguins
    Football-Seattle Seahawks
    Baseball: Seattle Mariners

    Music - Hard Rock and Rap, some other stuff too

    Political Orientation - Pretty conservative

    Hates - tree huggers and political correctness
  3. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    Happy b'day! I thought you were older. Maybe mid 20ish - 30ish. Guess that means you post more maturely than some people, huh? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Goes to show, age is just a number.
  4. Thanks. In my posts I just cut out my swearing. Seems to make people read my posts more often /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  5. Wait I do have a hate AOL's lack of mail filters so I can avoid receiving porn spam! Also I have not legally paid for AOL in over 2yrs <they keep giving me free hours> so no picking on me as it is not my primary ISP.
  6. the_gekko

    the_gekko Guest


    ummm single......... lst time i checked

    religion: methodist personally i don't give a S*** about religion oops guess i'm goin to hell whoop-di-doo

    location: Chewelah Washington USA

    eMPOLYMENT: what do you think i am ... a working person??????

    Interests: RPG'S!!!!!!!!!!!! paintballin action!!!!!!


    Music:default linkin park eminem pod godsmack limp bizcut incubus jimmyeat world system of a down sum41 sugarcult

    politcal something: don't give a S*** i can't vote

    Hates: hate is a very strong i HATE country big stupid dogs annoying people (even though i might be one) stuck up .......................people

    ohh.............. and people who steal my potential under the table jobs
  7. rockafella69

    rockafella69 Guest


    Single, unless that chick that lives with me that wears a wedding band and to whom I accidentally spoke the words "I do" counts. Nah. She doesn't count. I'm single.

    Religion: Don't believe in organized religion. There is a God, and he is laughing at the whole lot of us. Especially Jahova's Witnesses

    Location: Behind a desk at work. Oh... Quito, Ecuador. I'm American on a military tour. Be back in Minnesota in a few weeks.

    Employment: Part time at McDonald's. HA! I kid, I kid. I put on a green uniform and play "Real Life G.I. Joe". Get real. The U.S. Military is a joke. Don't be fooled!!!

    Interests: Sports, computers, chicks, music (I'm in a band), psychology, drinking good beer, and the psychological effects a nagging wife has on a man who just wants to play his UO characters for 30 FREAKIN' minutes a day. Any psych majors out there?

    Sports: Baseball, football (American), snowboarding, bowling, drinking beer really really fast (in my town, it's a sport), fishing, and dwarf-tossing.

    Music: Metallica, Pink Floyd, Nickelback, Offspring, NOFX, Blink 182, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Ozzy, and other stuff with heavy guitars with a little added musicianship.

    Politics: Hate politics and politicians.

    Hates: Hate is such a strong word. Ooops.. See above. I guess I also hate overly sensitive people. You know, whiners. Like, if I steal a kid's ice cream cone and his mom gets all ticked off at me and the kid starts crying... I mean, what the hell is that about? Stop being such a baby. People who sue for any little thing piss me off too. This guy in a bar was hitting on my buddy's girlfriend, so my buddy told him to back off. The guy said " off", so my buddy punched his lights out. The guy sued my bud for 10,000 dollars for emotional trauma. What?!?! He didn't even go to the doctor.
  8. Reachwind

    Reachwind Guest


    Age - 28

    Married with three kids 2 girls and a boy.

    Religion - Atheist

    Location - Sacramento, CA

    Employment - Network Engineer

    Interests - Writing, reading and playing video games.

    Sport - I like most sports.

    Music - Not much of a music fan anymore. I had a failed career as a professional musicain that soured me to the corporate world that is music.

    Political Orientation - Wacko. That's what they tell me anyway.

    Hates - Really there is only one thing that I truly hate. I hate having another person tell me how I am susposed to behave. I have free will I don't tolerate people treading on that.
  9. Mother Zub

    Mother Zub Guest

    Age: 22 (23 in july)

    Married 1 girl age 31 months (as of june 2002)

    Religion: I'm philosophical (not religious) Taoist. You could Also say that I am a "philosophical christian" as I also hold the teachings of Jesus high regard and am inspired by them. (actually books have been written about the simularities between the teachings of Lao Tzu and Jesus).

    Location: S. Ohio

    Work: Housewife, Mother, Student of CIS @ Devry, Part-time secretary, sometimes waitress.

    Interests, hobbies: Religious studies, bonsai trees, cooking, playing with my daughter, video games, graphic art, gardening, primping myself /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif, being out in nature.

    Likes: Caviar, Getting a Haircut, beautiful old trees, buying things I can't use (if you NEED to buy it for some purpose it is not fun hehe), scalding baths, sleeping past noon, gardens, eating, being "spoiled" and catered too, peace and quiet, obediant toddlers /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Sport: Fishing. About the only sports I watch on TV is the cheerleading and dance competitions on ESPN 2 when I catch one... and fishing shows.

    Music: Frank Black, Beck, Gorillaz, Rancid, Velvet Underground, Tori Amos etc. etc. also like reggee sometimes and am a CLOSET bluegrass and Gangster rap and sometimes hip-hop fan.
    I really dont like are pop-country and I detest R&B... I dont like much of the rock or pop on the radio either.

    Political Orientation: Democrat usually... but have very conservative family values.

    Hates: Driving, Hyper puppies and Dogs, too much excitement/noise/commotion, negative vibes/angry people, losing my temper, washing dishes, making mistakes, the phrase "good effort," the way people lie/strech the truth when the truth would be sufficiant.
  10. JediKnight10

    JediKnight10 Guest

    Interesting post. I'll throw my bio into the mix.

    Age - 22


    Religion - Roman Catholic

    Location - Wyandotte, MI (its near Detroit)

    Employment - College student (biology major)

    Interests - reading, movies (I like Star Wars best), running, basketball, talking with friends at coffee houses, video games, going to Cedar Point

    Sports - all-state cross country and track runner in hs, varsity basketball player, ran in college

    Music - I love 80's rock: GNR, Poidon, Motely Crue, Def Leppard, Warrant, Damn Yankees, Journey, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, Bon Jovi, etc

    Politics - no orientation. they are all bs'ers in my opinion

    Hates - fat woman that wear skimpy clothes, chicks that are shallow, hateful people, 15 yr old punks on UO that harass everyone (and 15 yr old punks in general)
  11. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Age- 45
    Engaged-met fiance in Diablo 5 years ago. Getting married in July /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif:):)
    Religion- Methodist
    Occupation-I am a business manager for an Auto Dealership.
    No children
    We live in Southern California.
    Our hobbies are UO, walking, going to the beach. Anything X-Files related.
    He loves soccer(Go Germany).
    Music- Love most kinds-Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Counting Crows are a few.
    No real hates except for nasty reverts(not liking Pub 16 too much), and obvious
    ones like molesters etc.
  12. Ismene

    Ismene Guest

    Here is something new to read!

    Age: 18

    Marital Status: Currently in a happy relationship

    Religion: I'm a non-denominational Christian, and a dedicated believer in my faith.

    Location: Somewhere near the southern part of California, soon to be "souther."

    Employment: Besides high school, I used to work weekends in a Drive-In theatre, but quit because I'm going to college! Go UC!

    Interests: Oh boy. I'm an avid musical theatre fanatic. I love theatre and music, as that is what I plan to study to college. I play the piano, and take vocal lessons (first soprano!). I've been in 15+ productions, and plan on more. =) Let's see ... I like computers, and RP, and these UO Stratics boards (I'm a dedicated lurker). I also have a knack for reading books; some of my favorites: The Left Behind series, Brian Jaques' Redwall series, Watership Down, and am currently reading A Tale of Two Cities (yes, willingly, and on my own time).

    Sports: No thank you. Except for swimming, and maybe Colorguard (but I've been told that's not a sport, so ...)

    Music: I listen mostly to Christian contemporary (Pillar, POD, Benjamin Gate, Toby Mac, Skillet, Delirious?). I love Sarah Brightman, and Enya. I also have a few classical CDs, and will attend a classical concert anyday (not too many of us around here).

    Politics: I have a strong dislike for politics. I'm one of those, "Why can't they just do this?" types of people.

    Hates: 1. "Gangsta" rap, sappy/crude lyrics. WHY do people make songs about how their boyfriend is a loser because he doesn't pay her cell phone bills???
    2. When people never tell you what is wrong, or at least tell you that something is wrong, and they'd rather not discuss it at the time.
    3. Wal-Mart. I cannot stand Wal-Mart, and refuse to go inside one. I will wait outside and bake in the car in 120 degree heat, without the radio, without AC, and only a cracked window, while you go inside and attempt to claw through the mobs to get to the household section for some lightbulbs, and then have to wait in line for 40 minutes because the lady in front of you wrote a bad check, and then the cash register broke down.
  13. Ling_ma

    Ling_ma Guest

    left behind series - amazingly good
  14. Red Wolf

    Red Wolf Guest

    Well I though since I've invaded this forum, I think I better get started on my essay...


    18 and almost 2 months. This really sucks for several reasons. One is because I missed out on the voting in the last Australian election by about 7 months. Not that I am so dillusional as to think my vote would actually matter, but still. Another is that I left Melbourne, Victoria EXACTLY 1 month before I turned 18. In Victoria you have to be 18 to get a driver's licence. So now I can't even drive a car. And the last but not least is that most people when they look at me tell me that I am 22-24. So usually when I am talking to a nice girl and she asks how old I am it will have an adverse effect on the conversation.

    Marrital Status:



    Atheist. Wait no, Jedi, I'm with Feen on that! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif


    This one is a bit hard to answer... let me just say that I've spent a good deal of my life in Australia, I am currently in Italy and my final destination is the UK.


    Bum. Err I mean student! Actually at the moment I'm doing work experience for 3 months (1 more week wee) in Catania, Sicily, Italy. I will start university in the UK in October.


    Another toughie... does making people angry on messageboards count? /php-bin/shared/images/icons/biggrin.gif
    Reading (fantasy, science fiction), computer games, cinema, travel (I speak several languages), history (unfortunatly I've never had the time for a proper humanities education), world events, going out with friends.


    ...Is something that you watch on TV when there's nothing better on and something you play with friends. The sports I LIKE watching include tennis, swimming, beach volleyball, Formula 1 and soccer/football.


    I can never answer this question properly. It's called MP3 - I have a collection of songs I like, of many various styles and artists, other than posting my entire playlist it is very hard to explain what I like and what I don't.


    I have a mixture of political views ranging from extreme left to moderate right. I strongly believe in human rights and responsibilities/laws. Economically I believe in market capitalism, with moderate intervention from the government.


    YOU! Well maybe not, but this list would take so long to load I doubt that Stratics would cope.
  15. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm a bit late getting involved but this is the first day in months I can actually get the pages to load without timing out. So! I wanna play!

    Age - 24

    Dating a great guy that I actually met here on stratics.

    Religion - Put me down as "confused". Former Mormon. I havent figured out my stance on God yet.

    Location - Salt Lake City, UT

    Employment - Legalized theft. Banking to be more precise. I handle collateral for loans.

    Interests - Travel, college, science fiction in all mediums, gaming, flight. Still trying to get the cash for my private license. Sucks being a poor college student ..

    Sport - Does laser tag and paintball count?

    Music - True 80's alternative, Classical, Industrial rock.

    Political Orientation - I deal with bankers all day long. Isnt that enough evil for one life?

    Hates - People who judge animals instead of their owners. People who've never had to make it on their own.
  16. Age - 35

    Single and free.

    Religion - None of your business. When I die I die alone and you have no say in any of it, you stand as no character witness, so why do I have to state what I believe in to a bunch of mortals. I am not here to assure your religious convictions. If you need that then you dont believe.

    Location - Southern California, yes the whole area. I have a big house and it is legally placed too.

    Employment - Network support. I work with cops. Hey better than working with kids but almost the same except they have guns. Well the cops do too.

    Interests - PCs, IT in general. Information. Looking at getting two more bookshelves for more books. Right now I am digging out my old 1st Ed AD&D and D&D stuff along with the 3rd Ed. Should keep me reading more years to come again. But greater interest right now in getting more certs, particularly cisco.

    Music - Metal. MTV can bite me for selling out to rap and screw all music stores as well. I have nearly 600 cassettes and close to a 100 CDs and I have been slacking on that.

    Political Orientation - Conservative Democrat by platform views but I vote with how I feel. I am actually a registered Republican. Democrats are easier to control while we should be concerned with which Republican makes it to the big ticket.

    Hates - I hate no one. I love all with the same vengeance. I just wish I could find my axe.

    Sports - Virtual boxing yes, real boxing no. Virtual 911 yes, real 911 no. 12 oz curls both real and virtual. Hey sometimes my vision is blurry. After 4 years of being in the army and having severe pains in my knees, shins, and ankles well get the picture. I am amazed how fast I can move at times though but too much time on my feet at one time...medic.

    But I like watching football, yes the only kind. American football. Having grown up on the Rams and living through what we called "the lean years" losing is just like breathing. But goes too slow for me at times so fire up the playstation and get EA going...its in the game. Oh and LAKERS, THREE PEAT BAAAAYBY.
  17. r.brickley

    r.brickley Guest

    I think I already did this but hey, lets go for round two, I didn't know it was so involved!

    Age - 24 - February 3rd.

    Sex: Male

    Marital Status: I am single, looking for a wife and a family. I have a 7 year old boy I wouldn't trade in for a life and I'm currently undergoing custody battles because I want him 24/7.

    Religion - My religion is ... up in the air. I recently spent 2 months in a Penticostal church where I am from. They are all great people but it's a little fanatical for me. However, 80% of their conservative views I share. I don't believe in porn, I don't believe in prozak and 150/hr counselors, I believe we can solve our own problems either through dedication, thought and motivation instead of pure laziness and welfare, or through or God.

    Location - McMinnville, OR

    Employment - Re-Marketing Consultant for Bus Book Publishing. I specialzie in helping bus operators market their used equipment throughout North America and Canada. Basically I'm an advertising salesmen but I prefer to be known as a consultant as I offer expert advice, not cheap sales scams.

    Interests - Online Games, Role Playing but moreso, living. I like swimming, I like the gym, I like sitting on a bench in the park listening to the winds and squirrels, and I love talking. I'm not a big sports fan, I'm not an all day computer junky like I once was. I enjoy reading self-help books and listening to tapes. Reading is the most powerful learning tool in the world.

    Music - I like allot of Metallica, Creed, alternative music but it isn't something I spend allot of my time doing. I play an electric guitar and I'm mediocre, nothing special. If I had more time after work, son and life I would practice more.

    Political Orientation - I'm in between. I vote for absolute power, only problem is, who decides who gets to make all the decisions? I think Democrat and Republic are both crap, and I don't pay enough attention to either to make a decision. I think our goverment is the lesser of all evils currently an option.

    Hates - I probably mention things I hate all week but I can't find one right now.

    Sports - Just some computer games, swimming, gym, reading, walking, just started the motorcycle thing, see how that goes but I'll never be a fat harley dude with lame leathers on! Reminds me of Bondage for the ugly people!

    That's about it for me, I'm Aquarius if anyone wants to know, the funny part is I don't believe in the psychic crap either /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif Sometimes they are pretty accurate in personality traits, which is all horoscopes are.
  18. Guest

    Guest Guest

    What do I do in real life??? Well, I eat food... drink beer and fart alot.... Oh, you want the particulars...

    Age - 34


    Religion, I know there is a GOD but I dont think he is too worried if I go to church and pray to him every week.

    Location - Palatine, IL... Soon to be Phoenix or Mesa, AZ

    Employment - You guys work? Muahahahaha!!! I am still sorting out the mess that was my mothers estate.... Anyone want to buy a house in Palatine?

    Interests - Video Games, usually turn based strategy games, reading books, tearing someone a new one on a forum.

    Sport - Football or NASCAR... but only when I have drank enough beer. I would guess beer drinking would be my favorite sport...

    Music - Everything, From Beethoven to the Beastie Boys.

    Political Orientation - Mostly Republican, but I wont tow the line if there is some idiot available (keep your GW jokes to yourself)

    Hates - If I got started, I dont know when it would end.... lets just say that my first hate is people who dont think about what they are doing.

    Something to think about: I am managing my mom's estate... I have been doing this for over 3 years. She drank herself into insanity... Never assume that because you are young these things cannot happen to you....

    Soon, once I sell this house I am going to be back with my family in AZ. The burden I expected happened 20 years sooner than even I thought. Never the less I will faithfully take care of her like she took care of me. Never forget to cherish your time...
  19. PsychoHippy

    PsychoHippy Guest


    Single, had a wedding date of may 24, 2003 set but her mother didn't have respect for people so i didn't respect her mother. So im single now and loving every minute of it.

    Religion-LDS (AKA Mormon) Practicing in full. Former agnostic.

    Location-Salt Lake City, UT

    Currently work for a landscaping company. Waiting for my papers to serve a full time mission.

    Interests-Political stuff interests me. Other things goin on in the world interest me. Religion interests me. Science interests me. Talking about deep controversial subjects is what i love to do.

    Sport-I love baseball. Let them strike. The union was good for the game at first but now its just pathetic the things they are askin for. Owners, go back to your hard line stance and wait for the players to cave. The game will be better for it, thus the fans will come back.

    Music-I listen to a little bit of everything. Except for Hip-Hop. But thats not really music.

    Political orientation-Moderate. I usually vote democrat for environmental, big business, tax cuts for people who dont need them issues. But i lean republican on a few moral issues.

    Hates-Ingnorance, especially when it comes to people of my own faith. Spoiled people that fall bass ackwards into money that only have what they have because their parents did all the work for them (see George W. Bush). People who dont vote. People who do vote but vote for one party all the time. Republicans are wrong sometimes and so are the democrats. Vote for people not party's. The electoral college. I voted it didn't count. According to the electoral college i voted for bush. I of course did not but since more people here in utah did my vote counts towards a person i dont feel deserves the presidency.
  20. Paulos80

    Paulos80 Guest

    Age - 22.

    Marital Status - Recently single and depressed.

    Religion - None.

    Location - Croydon, England (On the edge of South London)

    Employment - Police Constable.

    Interests - Martial Arts (Ju Jitsu), Football (soccer), Games, Books.

    Sport - Fulham Football Club! (Yes the one owned by the rich, dodgy Egyptian!)

    Music - Most things, old & new. In particular: Queen, Bon Jovi, Steriophonics, Travis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    Political Orientation - None.

    Hates - Little scrotes who hang around in public places getting drunk while underage & cause a trouble, People who drive while talking on mobile phones, Cocky people, Sarcastic people, Chelsea Football Club, Manchester United FC, People who take life too seriously, People who dont take life seriously enough, People lying to me. etc etc etc
  21. Hornace

    Hornace Guest

    Haven't been here for a while, but I just will ad my bio:


    I'm 43 years old, that makes me part of the older group here, I guess.


    Strictly male

    Marital status

    Well after a first 7 years sentence I'm imprisoned a second time for 11 years now. Somehow I do not learn ... and I love it. Ah yes, an 18 year old daughter from the first marriage, no kids in my second.


    As Karl Marx said: Religion is opium for people. It should be forbidden.


    Northern part of Germany


    Used to be an Air Force Officer within NATO for some years. Earn my money now as a business consultant, designing and optimizing business processes.


    To many. However, most of the time I spent reading SciFi/Fantasy, watching movies at the cinema (don't have a TV), listening to the radio or to one of our approx. 500 CDs, surfin' the internet or playing UO.


    Like Winston Churchill: "No sports!". Sports is dangerous! Except power-relaxing or extreme-bathing.


    Well, nearly everything except 70s disco music, Heavy Metal, free jazz, and supermarkt-music. My favorites are classical chorus like Gregorian or Carmina Burana, Madrigals, Celtic music, Folk, straight Rock, and the music of the 60s. Well, there should be some melody and some rythm in it, than I most probably like it.

    Political orientation

    I would say I'm a green liberitarian with some socialistic ingredients.


    Radicalism of any kind. Brute force. And people who think they know it all.

    Well that's for it. Have fun!
  22. DeadCal

    DeadCal Guest

    Age: 35 (bah)

    Single: living with my boyfriend, maybe single again soon. Hmmm.

    Religion: None

    Location: South-west London (England, obviously)

    Job: Was a games journalist for a while. Currently bumming around trying to figure out what to do next.

    Interests: UO, rollercoasters (yes really, ridden something like 250 different ones all over the world).

    Sport: Used to do Thai boxing (Muay Thai) and lots of weights until my shoulder fell apart so now I mostly just run.

    Music: 80s stuff, rock, indie, goth and more...I mean I can listen to Motorhead one minute and Sparks the next. I'm not into one particular style. I just have to like it.

    Political orientation: I hate politics; I think they're all a bunch of crooks and I don't like any of 'em.

    Hates: People who spit in the street; people who are cruel to animals and men who go "cheer up luv" when I'm walking down the street minding my own business. I mean heh, I could've been thinking about sex or winning the lottery, but no, they go and ruin it with an inane comment. Those three little words turn me from a reasonable human being into a homicidal maniac. You've been warned.
  23. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Age: 27

    Marrital Staus: Single/couldn't be arsed settling daown cause the next easy lay is only 3 days away [love the weekend]

    Religion: Nothing, it sux.

    Location: Rep of Ireland

    Employment: I work in a Printery where i make propeganda leaflets /php-bin/shared/images/icons/sgrin.gif & also makes extra £ selling my paintings.

    Interests: Online RPG [obviously] Archery, Painting/sculpting & anything to do with computer software programing.

    Sport: Shooting & Fishing

    Music: Indie Rock

    Pollitical Orientation: Nationalist with Socialist tendencies.

    Hates: Occupying forces, ignorant laws and our corrupt goverment.
  24. Welllll.... this is my first post on these boards, so I may as well start with a rush of honesty...

    Age: 40 *groan*

    Sex: I'm male

    Status: Married, 1 daughter (being a Dad is great!)

    Religion: No thanks - none planned either.

    Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland.

    Employment: Design and New Media manager. Head up a creative design team. Good job, nice people.

    Interests: Running around Europa casting flamestrike on things (been doing this for 3 years now - you would have thought I'd have posted here before now!), watching football (Liverpool!), playing football (barely now at my age!), reading (particularly books on ancient civilisations), big walks and basically rediscovering how good it is to find out about things all over again with my daughter. And my cat.:)

    Music: ohhh... lots of stuff from Motorhead to FooFighters and Feeder, with Counting Crows and a fair bit of Indie stuff chucked in along the way.

    Hates: People who behave like a complete pr*ck in UO, Man Utd, and politics. Also a lot of other stuff that is probably best left unsaid and not thought about - it'll ruin my day.

    Politics: You must be joking! You not see where I live????
  25. rapheal

    rapheal Guest

    Age: 19

    Marital status: Currently madly in love with a girl who I met in uo[hmm its good for something I guess] who lives about 950 miles away from me right now… though this is a interesting situation in that we have just found out how much money a cell bill costs on long distance calling[about $500 worth] and as such I have been sequestered to call her mother about this and also im forbidden to talk to my girl[whats forbidden mean?]… personally this woman is overreacting… don’t yall think? I mean cmon! Lainey is only 9 months under age of 18… but still!

    Location: between blair and omaha, nebraska[ no im not from NE and no im not a huskers fan either :p]

    Employment: A TSR[teleservice representative] with Oriental Trading Company[Terrys Village also]... in other words i go to work and..." thank you for calling[insert one of those 2 above mentioned],this is Ray, how may i help you today?"

    Interests: Cars… I wanna learn pretty much all I can about working on them and building em, I know a fair amount… but not enough for my tastes really, I need to know all! Oh also, does anyone know if my car[read further] can take a same year taurus SHO engine?… my current project is a 89 sable wagon[if yall wish to see a photo of it when im either almost done or close to it in a year or more pm your email] I also enjoy computers… uo for some strange reason. Going out to eat and have a good time with friends. Cooking actual dinners… not just steak on the grill and then theres my romantic edge… hmm I don’t have enough space here for all this! Watching something either funny that isnt stupid or something intellectually inspiring… but since im cableless[I miss shark week on discovery… that WAS intellectual damnit!] though that is hard to sift through the mindless dribble on regular television that’s created for the herd.

    Sports: um… yea I um… okay I like Airsoft.. though people round here don’t know what it is.. bike riding… im also willing to try surfing, sky diving and rugby… golf has no appeal to me at all, all you do is hit a lil white ball around a green around trying to get it in a hole… I can do that with minutuare golf! I also like to play pool and use geometry to my advantage:D math is good for something!

    Religion: This is a interesting one. I used to attend a Southern Baptist church but … my ideas and thoughts and such arent the same as what seems to be most organized religions. If we all wanna really get down to it… we could technically speaking say that the earth is the house of God… of which I believe in and Jesus too.
    1)as stated I believe in God and Jesus
    2)i am still unsure of the whole accepting personal Savior… I went to church and prayed bout it and its weird… I don’t feel like they all tell ya your sposed to feel afterwards … maybe I didn’t do it right … I didn’t tithe that day though..[hehe *poked some fun there*].
    3) I swear… I said it.. there im a evil bad weak person.. oh screw you then…:D
    4)sex hmmm I am not gonna wait till marriage but also I don’t want to have sex… I want to make love… which are 2 different things and im sure people who have been around the track a few times understand what im saying. [yes btw im still virginized… and no some of you cant fix that either!]
    5)hmmm I cant think of my number 5

    Music: rock… we can go back to the 80s and then come forward to the new stuff to … I also do techno and ive heard good things about progressive… my friend has gotten me into the R&B scene a lil and also some rap. We cant forget The Beatles either…yellow submarine!! * ahem * anyway

    Political status: well this is a tough one… I guess ill go with what the other guy said and im a conservative with a somewhat liberal tolerance in me… anymore… its hard to pick some really IMO because of the grey areas in the political scheme of things… I will however go on record for saying “its not a fetus… its called a B A B Y” unless of course youd like to disagree with me and then I could point out that your mom could have been prochoice… but that’s just me /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    Dislikes: Sunday Christians, people who cant drive on the interstate… no im not picking on old people… im saying the people who white knuckle go 45 mph and cause accidents type of people. Flies… they have no use but to barf and go to the bathroom when they land! People who try to cram their opinions down your throat because you disagree and wont even discuss the topic. Nope this isnt protestors and stuff.. now unruly protestors who get violent that’s a diff thing. Rude people who use excuses for their rudeness and DON’T say im sorry and mean it…. Being cranky cause your tired is one thing… letting your crankyness feed off itself is entirely all you my friend.

    I think this covers pretty much everything so far…

    Oh yes… if you happen to read this lainey, no matter what happens… ill still love you and you turn 18 april 6th… not to far away really… I think *sighs *
  26. rapheal

    rapheal Guest

    hehe a small appendage to my post i forgot

    I dont[and have not ever]drink, smoke, or do drugs.

    sorry for the extra post.. sometimes when you have a long reply you forget stuff.
  27. KORN^27^

    KORN^27^ Guest

    Well im not a regular but this seems like a good way to start posting here.
    I am 29 years old

    I am a former marine

    I am a paramedic with the Detroit Fire Department

    Divorced 2 children girls(Rock) 7 and 4.

    My political views revolve mostly around the Idea of personal accountability and self reliance.

    Love heavy metal,rap,country,classical,show tunes,elvis,frank sinatra,grunge and the blues.

    My hobies include weight lifting martial arts,gardening,Shooting sports.I love reading sci fi,fantasy,philosophy and religious books.Also love books on military strategy.

    My religion is seventh day adventist.

    Oh and I just finished an A+ class and plan to continue on to a bachellors in computer science.After that I plan to study culture and foriegn language.
  28. girionis7

    girionis7 Guest

    Hehehe, nice subject.

    26 years old, my real name is Panos and I live in North London - England with my girlfriend.

    I am working as a software developer. I love heavy metal, UO and reading history books. I hate people who are lying.

    Well that's it ]:)
  29. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I suppose it wouldn't hurt me to complete this as well.

    Age - 60 (birthday a week before Christmas to be 61)

    Marital Status: Divorced. Live alone with two cats. Have 2 grown kids, one who will be 37 in two weeks and one who is almost 39 and who will make me a grandmother for the first time at the end of March.

    Religion - Not really. I would regard myself as spiritual and as seeking, but not as religious. I consider conventional religions to be the bastion of the weak-minded and for people who want their faith spoon-fed to them so they don't have to think for themselves. I personally question everything.

    Location - Helena, Montana for the past year. Before that Seattle, wA.

    Employment - Technical writer. I write general software and project related stuff, and lots and lots of proposals.

    Interests - I read a lot. I am writing a book (possibly two if the negotiations work out). I do handcrafts to keep busy. I don't watch much television, so I have lots of free time. I like PC games, generally adventure stuff like NWN, strategy like Civilization III, or things like UO. I'm an excellent cook.

    Sport - I find most sports boring to the extreme and don't bother with them.

    Music - An eclectic collection of older rock, classical, ethnic, jazz, blues, etc. Hate Christian Rock, heavy metal, and C&W.

    Political Orientation - A hodgepodge of individual positions based on my personal beliefs, research, and careful thought. So I'm all over the map. I vote only Democratic since I read a Republican position paper that stated that they were going to drag the country through the divisiveness of the impeachment process even though the writers acknowledged that they knew before starting that they had insufficient votes to convict. That doesn't mean I'll vote for a bad candidate. If the Republican is the superior candidate I sit that race out.

    Hates - I hate ignorant people. I hate those who take things for granted and never ever question what they are being spoon-fed. (I left these two as they were as they reflect my opinion perfectly). I hate people who judge others on stupid superficialities without ever knowing them. I don't do well with ideologues and people totally rabid about anything since they become blind to anything but their own prejudices. Oh yes. I hate butterscotch.
  30. tazzi523

    tazzi523 Guest

    Age - 25
    Married- 0 children I have a husband its enough.

    Religion - Jehovah Witness

    Location - New York

    Employment - Union Hall

    Interests - UO, Reading, shoping

    Sport - none

    Music - Country

    Political Orientation - NONE

    Hates - some people
  31. WTH? I was not aware that their was a time limit to edit your own stuff.

    Interests - PCs, IT in general. Information. Looking at getting two more bookshelves for more books. Right now I am digging out my old 1st Ed AD&amp;D and D&amp;D stuff along with the 3rd Ed. Should keep me reading more years to come again. But greater interest right now in getting more certs, particularly cisco.


    Still no new bookshelves but two Dromme cabinets from Ikea. These are CD/DVD/VHS shelves. Taking Cisco Academy class right now and started studying for Network+.


    Music - Metal. MTV can bite me for selling out to rap and screw all music stores as well. I have nearly 600 cassettes and close to a 100 CDs and I have been slacking on that.


    Had to go to the LA County Fair for work and saw this cello player. Am thinking about taking up the cello. An electric one would be cool but they want over a grand for one.


    But I like watching football, yes the only kind. American football. Having grown up on the Rams and living through what we called "the lean years" losing is just like breathing. But goes too slow for me at times so fire up the playstation and get EA going...its in the game. Oh and LAKERS, THREE PEAT BAAAAYBY.


    Well not this season. Rams be a suckin. So I started up a Techmo Rams team and I am 5-0 now and I have a sucky roster as well, 95 season I believe. No whiney, "I hurt my finger." Lakers started and the Angels won the WORLD Series. Hmmm, end of the world must be coming. Rams win a superbowl and now the Angels win a World Series.

    Why is it when we go off daylight savings days seem like weeks. It is only 437. I still have an hour and a half.
  32. Age - 16

    Long-term relationship. Very long term.

    Religion - Atheist.

    Location - US

    Employment - Student. I need a job though.

    Interests - Sci-Fi, Fantasy, anything along those lines.

    Sport - Screw you.

    Music - Anything dark.

    Political Orientation - Anarchist

    Hates - Idiots.
  33. Age - 23

    Married - not yet

    Religion - non denominational Christian

    Location - roanoke va

    Employment - a typical back breaking nightshift job

    Interests - well i really get into some stuff most people would find boring like history and geopolitics

    Sport - ran track and cross country played baseball in highschool

    Music - alot of stuff current favorite bands Dry Cell, 12 Stones umm all time favorite band Led Zep, and Alice and Chains

    Political Orientation - far to the right

    Hates - peoples. some people think they have it so bad and complain and complain but never try to make a positive difference, and people far to the left
  34. Samseed

    Samseed Guest


    Age - 16

    Long-term relationship. Very long term.


    Those two seem to contradict each other /php-bin/shared/images/icons/wink.gif

    At 16, it cant be very long, unless you met pre-natal /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  35. run around nude.
  36. well..


    long term relationship

    religion-atheist... wait thats not a religion lol

    location-reno, nv

    employment-none :&lt;

    intrests- playing uo and well im a loser so thats about it

    MUSIC- sublime baby! but i like all sorts of other stuff too like ska reggae *oldies* no name californian bands.. and a little bit of rock..

    hates- ppl who lie, STEVE, and most of all.. canadians
  37. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Age - 53 - will be 54 in March

    Married, with 1 child (18 yo)

    Religion - Protestant (baptized Presbyterian) but not practicing. To me, "Organized religion" is not, thus I find my way by talking to the Supreme Being personally.

    Location - Upstate NY, about an hour N of Syracuse

    Employment - IT; Database Administrator, Sr. Programmer. Nuclear power plant. Accounting, payroll background.

    Interests - sci-fi and fantasy books; playing UO, some Diablo, Empire Earth. avoiding drunks at the bars.

    Sport - Not into them ... even as a spectator.

    Music - Some classical; mostly easy listening and rock from about 1952 through mid-70s and a smattering of more current stuff. No C/W, blues or jazz on a regular basis.

    Political Orientation - registered voter as "no party affiliation" so I dodge all the party-lline propaganda that gets sent out. My voting has pretty much split between the parties 50-50. Some good, some bad. And I did NOT vote for Hillary!

    Hates - *** I hate ignorant people. I hate those who take things for granted and never ever question what they are being spoon-fed. *** I left that in - it's a good description. Be honest with me and I will respect you; lie or cheat and you're on the poopie list.

    Oh - I tend to strongly dislike McDonalds anything.
  38. Wisty

    Wisty Guest

    I suppose I might as well add something. I'm bored tonight, and you will be bored all too soon, too. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    Age: Born 1948 (you do the math).

    Sex: Yes, it's quite nice. Urr, gender? Born female, will die one.

    Origins: California-born to Canadian-born American mother and American-born father. Known heritage (the most immediate) is American, Canadian, UK, (probably Irish, too), and Swedish. There was some talk we might also be Italian and or Native American, but no one has materialized any documentation on that, so who knows! I have one American-born older sister and brother.

    Religion: Christian, because I accept Jesus and his teachings and the basic concepts of Christianity; however, there are things about that religion that I don't believe are accurate, and so I'm still searching for truths and facts, and ever fine-tuning to what seems to make the most sense, is the wisest course of action, and benefits not just myself but others as well.

    Married - NO!: Was married from 1968-2000; but my husband and I were basically separated 1993, and then physically separated 1996 when I filed for divorce which took years no thanks to two very bad attorneys, and a third that was out of country as much as she was in, not to mention my husband confusing issues, and me too messed up at the time to push it faster...and then I wound up having to pay for most all of it...you wouldn't believe how much it cost. In other words, the divorce straight from hell, but no wonder since it was a marriage from hell. Which is why I'll NEVER marry again!

    Children: One son, turned 24 this year. He was going to college, studying computers. At present he is taking a hiatus.

    Currently my 85 year old mother is moving back to California, and my eldest niece and I will be taking care of her. Once she is moved in (if all goes as planned) everyone is going to try to help me find a place nearby. Perhaps then I won't be hanging around here so much, and you all can Cheer! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif

    I have a 10 year old tortoise-shell/tabby-striped cat who is a joy, my buddy, lots of fun, no problem, extremely bright, very sweet, and we are often on the same wavelength -- her on mine, more than me on hers. I'm just a dumb intellectualizing human; she still retains her animal instincts and quietly laughs at me as I bumble along.

    I would have pursued one of my career interests had I not married (and who I married) and then was in a car crash which permanently further damaged some (already damaged) vertebrae, my hip, and one leg, and then years later become very ill which affected my mind, memories, skills, physical abilities, and overall health. Things which most people take for granted, I had to battle to relearn; e.g., cooking (I used to be a very good cook, but couldn't remember how to scramble eggs), I had been a good housekeeper for years (couldn't remember how to plug in a vacuum), was an avid reader of many subjects (couldn't remember a single book I had read or anything to reference from), and so on. I had even lost the ability to think. Have you ever sat there with a mind that was totally blank, not one thought, yet knowing you should be thinking and so you'd struggle to find a thought...but all you could drum up was the thought that you should be thinking? Prior to that, you were an extremely intelligent and sharp-witted person? Nah, it wasn't fun. It still isn't. But at least I've made a large recovery, but I'm nothing compared to what I was, and I probably never will be. Enjoy your mind. Don't take it for granted. And for pete's sake, stop killing it with booze and smoking and drugs and junk food and stress! Brain cells do not regenerate. Once gone, they're gone forever. BTW, no idea why I was so ill, other than too much smoking, thyroid illness, emotional and physical trauma and I dunno what else since after many tests, the doctors just shrugged and said, Stroke? Post-traumatic Stress Disorder? Poisoning? Disease, infection? *shrug shrug shrug*

    Interests: Could be just about anything at any given time. Though, consistent is: music (all genre except RAP, drugs/violence, and some C&amp;W), writing and reading (though the vocabulary and data has not recovered very well, and eyesight/eye muscles make reading more difficult, and sometimes I have to reread the same information repeatedly before it finally sinks in)..., cooking and baking, having conversations with my friends and family, I would like to have a veggy and herbal garden again (perhaps when I move?), playing whatever instruments I have on hand and can still play, movies (I'm fussy though), can't forget my computers, and UO (when in mood), I always have a cat and or dog around (I've also raised parrots and horses)... (told you it'd be boring!) Hmm, I left out psychology. I like studying people. I like reading about people. I like trying to figure what makes people, animals, things tick. Before I got married and then sick I thought about going into the field of psychology, but didn't think I had the patience and tolerance to spend all those years in studying... but wound up doing it anyway, at home, reading all kinds of books. What a waste. Nevertheless, still interests me.

    Career: ?? Have been studying writing since I was a little kid. Was attending college for Writing and Music. My non-household jobs were Secretarial, Receptionist, General or Assistant Office Worker, Typist, Title Company, and for awhile helped husband's relatives with their janitorial business. I gave some piano lessons, for free. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif During my wifely years I spent a lot of time studying writing and music. Seems to be all I've ever really cared to do anything with. But... (again, warned you it'd be boring!)

    There now, aren't you glad you didn't read this? What? You actually read it?!! Boy, you're dumb! Almost as dumb as I for writing it! /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif (I thought about fabricating all sorts of exciting trivia, but...I'm just too honest. Darn!)
  39. Kiro1234

    Kiro1234 Guest

    First time in this forum but i plan on checkin it more regularly.
    Age-25 Profession: umm retail:( but im defnitly going to finish that programming certification cause i need to start eating better:)
    Location: SanDiego ..Im workin on that too..its not exactly a good place to get your head straight..better for losing it i feel..originally from ny.
    Hobbies..this. philosphy, some metaphysics that i can grasp, mystical systems,some programming, a little music playin, and tryin to go thru that thier process of individuation that the shrinks talk about i reckon.
  40. Christoffel

    Christoffel Guest

    Name: Christiaan
    Age 41
    Dutch and living in Holland /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
    Read fantasy , sci-fi and science
    IT consultant MS platform
    Living in sin with GF (also addicted UO player)
    Ride a Dodge RAM or my trusted bike a beefed Yamaha Vmax (165HP! )
    Loves : good food, bikes, sexual intercourse, fantasy games, alcohol, (heavy)rock and classical music and everything in between.
    Hates : fanatic religious people, boring people, soccer, holzhacker bubel music
    favorite holiday: weekendtrip to Ilshenar or Portugal
    Politics : left-of-the-middle
    favorite girlfriend: my current girlfriend

    ***To make this complete: visit: http://members.home.nl/vmax *****
  41. mrwarpig

    mrwarpig Guest

    Age - 38
    Location - Winder, Ga, the middle of nowhere but we have dsl
    Employment - Machine Designer
    Married - 6 year, wife plays UO also
    Religion - It's a fine thing in moderation
    Politics - Libertarian
    Sports - Fishing and playing on an adult baseball team, thats baseball not softball!
    Music - Older art rock sort of music, ELO, Rush, King Crimson, etc... an guitar oriented rock, Led Zepp, Hendrix, Clapton, etc...
  42. wheee

    Age- Just turned 20 (the beginning of the long road to *shudder* 30. /php-bin/shared/images/icons/tongue.gif kidding for all the 30+ folks out there)

    Maried- Heck no. Single. Boyfriends seem to have a shelf life of maybe 3 months tops.

    Religion- None.

    Location- Da Big Apple New York, NY

    Employment- Student

    Interests- Scuba diving, spelunking, writing, bartending, socioligcal demographics (sad but true), animal training (the REAL kind, as in dogs and cats, not dragons and such. one day though....:p), and lately (and unfortunately) politics.

    Sport- None that i watch. I cannot for the life of me become interested in watching sports. I lose interest within 30 seconds of anyone turning on a game. I do however do yoga, swim, and am on my college's indoor track team.

    Music- Pretty much anything. My tastes have grounded in the early to mid 90's so it's lots of stuff like Dishwalla, early Radiohead, Bjork, Nirvana, 90's madonna, etc.

    Political Orientation- Never really oriented myself. I'm pretty moderate.

    Hates: Apathy. People ignoring a situation when they dont think it affects them. That bums me out /php-bin/shared/images/icons/frown.gif Also: the number of times I've been forced to read Hamlet for school. 6! And I'm only half done with college! EVERY year since i started high school it has either been assigned reading or some crucial extra credit assignment. How many different times can my attention be drawn in lecture to the plight of Ophelia. How many times can I interpret Hamlet a different way? It's not that great or deep a play, people! LET IT GO!
  43. Just came to my attention I haven't been profiled for the rogue gallery.... hmm...

    Age - 29 (I be an OLD MAN)

    Maritial Status - Single, no children (that I know about :p)

    Religion - I worship the pagan Cocoa Puffs Bird, bringer of brown tinted milk. YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED!

    Location - Muncie, Indiana! Yeehaw! Little no-horse town in a no-horse state.

    Employment - Technical Writer, like Leandra. Got my Masters 3 years ago, have worked in this profession going on 5 years, worked for Avaya, Lucent and Ontario Corp.

    Interests - All the standard nerdy stuff: UO, AD&amp;D, computer games, Star Trek, Star Wars, Fantasy Literature, Classic Literature, programming, games design. Also a huge movie fanatic: I write reviews for Bad Movie Night at www.hit-n-run.com.

    Sports - Perhaps I'm compensating for an evaporating youth, but I'm heavy into sports. I love weightlifting, tennis, racquetball, football, judo, tae kwon do, jogging and fencing.

    Music - Bjork is my dream girl (I likes em weird), and Tori Amos is a close second. That should speak volumes about my musical preferences.

    Political Orientation - Republicans should be Original Recipie, Democrats extra crispy.

    Hates - Most TV, ingenuine people, hypocrites, any movie with Pauly Shore, Pop-Up Ads, and Neelix. Yes, Neelix. He's a punk. And a mullet head.

    Grainy pic of yours truly

    Would like everyone to know - Free the unspeaking masses! Let your Chia pets free and grow wild! End the oppression!
  44. Spiralz

    Spiralz Guest

    OK i dunno if any one saw my last post on this...I erased it...I was hardcore malfunctioned at the time but...
    I am 22 I live in SLOWcala Flo-ri-Duh

    I do really work as a waitress, (prostitute in disguise) smiling for my dollah's

    I have a lot of interests, but no super ultimate hobbies, boo hoo

    I just lost my uber cool cat last week his name was Miyoshi, I loved him like he was really my kid. And my life is empty. Sorry internet peoples, but sadly it's true. My life feels lonely. No matter how many peoples try to interfere here I am. Just figure me out from my posts.
  45. Orglif

    Orglif Guest

    So I may be late, but the thread is still stickied at the top. And I'm bored.

    Age: 23

    Unmarried, unattached, and have sworn off relationships as I seem to be horrible at maintaining them. The one thing I've heard from every ex-girlfriend has been: "You don't know what you want, and you're gonna keep hurting people until you figure it out." So I've settled for detachment and casual sex until I do figure it out.

    Religion: None. I identify with many existential theories, though.

    Location: Portland, Oregon.

    Employment: Currently unemployed, but a cook by trade with roughly 8 years experience ranging from dirty casino breakfasts to upscale, expensive dinners. I've also done technical support (*barfs*).

    Interests: Lately I've been quite the barfly, so naturally I'm interested in all the associated hobbies... pool, shuffleboard, and old-school arcade games. I ride my mountain-bike quite a bit, read, and zone out in front of the computer for hours on end, the last being a habit I'd previously shed and have now--being unemployed--picked up again. I also write stories and poetry when the mood strikes, though 'the mood' hasn't stricken me in quite some time.

    Sport: The closest thing to a sport that I participate in is hacky-sack, and (bad) mountain biking. I watch sports more often--Go Blazers!--but I'm all but useless in a sports-related conversation.

    Music: I'm pretty much across the board on this topic. There really isn't any music I don't like in the right circumstances, though lately I've been listening to alot of the Clash and the Reverend Horton Heat. Bella, being the generous goddess that she is, was nice enough to leave Portishead - Dummy for me on her most recent visit, and I'm listening to that as well. (Thanks Bella! j00 rock!)

    Political Orientation: I tend to stay away from politics; however, I do get a kick out of debating political theory. Personally, the current state of affairs is so screwed that the conclusion drawn in most my political thought is: 'total revolution.' As far as partisan thinking is concerned, I indentify with no party as I neither care, nor participate, in the political shaping of my country.

    Hates: I don't have the energy to hate things anymore. But I really dislike late-night commercials, inconsiderate drivers, and people who get so lost in the drama of life they forget they're just a monkey trying to get a bananna like the rest of us.
  46. FeynmanDirac

    FeynmanDirac Guest

    PhD student at the U of Washington. I'm interested in the properties of matter at the nanoscale level.
  47. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Age - 28

    Married, no children.

    Religion - Agnostic realist.

    Location - Denmark, which is not the capitol of sweden.

    Employment/work - CEO of a software company that makes medical admnistration software. Member of the army reserve. Member of the military home guard. part time system admin for my fathers company in time of need. Volunteer worker at the church aid center. judge and boadmember of the danish union division of WCG - World Cyber Games.

    Interests - Reading Science fiction and fantasy books, playing computer games, playing RPGs, watching good movies and series, swimming and martial arts.

    Sport - I do not actively follow any sports, except national football (soccer).

    Music - Whatever my mood likes, I have a huge collection ranging from heavy, to gothic, to pop, to jazz, to classic...when I need something for a specific mood, I just quickly flip through it and start listening. I do not confine myself to any specifc genre.

    Political Orientation - A socialistic capitalistic liberalist...LOL...too much to mention here.

    Hates - Stratics would succomb to my hatred if I mentioned it all here.
  48. Guest

    Guest Guest

    ok...i'm a relative "noob" to this forum...but here goes...

    Age - 42

    Married...one son...one grandson

    Religion - nondenominational christian...haven't set foot in a church in 12 years

    Location - born in Maine (waves at samseed), raised in North Carolina...currently in SW Kentucky...about an hour north of Nashville TN

    Employment - part time ER nurse, part time flight nurse

    Interests - scuba, free-diving, photography, gardening, reading (sci-fi, fantasy, history, horror)

    Sports - huge NFL fan (go Titans)

    Music - older rock (stuff like Dire Straits), alternative, some techno, blues, bluegrass (but NOT country or cw), classical (but not that wimpy foo foo stuff...good, pounding wagoner and the like), celtic.

    Political Orientation - issue oriented, tend to be a little on the conservative side

    Hates - TNTC

    3rd from the left...the one with all the freakin' hair
  49. Sly of NV

    Sly of NV Guest

    Age - 25

    Divorced with 2 daughters (2 &amp; 5) and a stepson (6)

    Religion - Catholic. The last time I entered a church was at my grandfather's funeral well over three years ago. I tend to believe in what I want and not what a priest tells me I should believe in

    Location - Stationed in South Carolina, but I grew up in Lebanon, Maine (waves at Trillian and Samseed)

    Employement - Law Enforcement (US Air Force)

    Interests - Swimming, listening to music, playing UO, and hanging out with

    Sports - Never played any sports, but I loved going to hockey games.

    Music - Nothing but country

    Political Orientation - Tend not to get invloved in politics because it is boring and gives me a headache.

    Hates (terrified of) - Spiders (I turned and run in the oposite direction no matter how big the spider is). People who precast judgment of other because of how they look or something they believe in.
  50. Toppola

    Toppola Guest

    Well what we do in real life? well can answer only for my self. Prety much nothing. Uneducated,unemployed poor ******* i´m. Age is 20. No fate in god, been atheist since first grade in school. damn that force feading of religion in schools in Finland. Well luckyly i forced my self to send application to school this year. So maybe i´ll get to school next autumn.If i get in that school and go throe it, youth counsillor i would become. So maybe i will get to some where in this life.