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Valentine magazine!

Discussion in 'UO Stratics Contests and Events' started by Lady Kittie, Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Lady Kittie

    Lady Kittie Stratics EC & GL Shard Liaison
    Professional Governor Event Coordinator [MM&A] - Great Lakes

    Mar 17, 2014
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    Valentines day is coming and UO is all a bustle about it. But the new magazine needs a cover and a short story! That's where you come in!

    Your mission is to create a mock cover for UO Magazine. The main pic has to focus on a couple, but you can add whatever silliness you want around it, like a real magazine. Then, you have to write a short story about your cover. Be it a scandalous story, a funny story or a romantic one.

    • You MUST incorporate the following into your magazine; the title "UO Magazine" and your couples pic and then a small short story with a MINIMUM of 300-1500 words. Please just write it down after the pic in your post. Be as creative as you wish!
    • please, no 3rd party programs to aid in this venture.
    • please, no non official servers are to be used to make this either!
    • please, be creative, your imagination is the limit.. with the help of photoshop or any other program that may assist in making this a reality.
    • only OFFICIAL UO graphics to be used.
    • a person can enter as many times as they wish, but can only receive ONE placement and prize (if they place).
    • only the person entering the contest can win. So if you partner for something be advised.

      Other than that, go wild with your imagination! ALL submissions must be in no later than the 19th of February, 2018 at 11:59pm EST at which point any entries beyond the cut off, will be disqualified.

      Staff are allowed to enter but CANNOT place in the event.

      Prizes are

      1st Place (2000 Sovereigns) - [​IMG]

      2nd Place (1000 Sovereigns) - [​IMG]

      3rd Place (500 Sovereigns) - [​IMG]
  2. Queen Arya

    Queen Arya Rares Fest Host | Atl Sept 2011 & June 2013
    Stratics Veteran

    Oct 30, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Valentines Day 2018.jpg

    Queen Arya wake up.... Queenie... snap out of this ... as Hannibal mumbles we have a lot to clean up here at Toad town
    Ah sorry Hannibal ... I just had the best day dream.

    Well I was sitting on my porch and saw the weirdest ghost figure walk through your wall and enter the city of Luna, you didn't tell me Toad Town was haunted, or is your magic so strong that when you dream you conjure ghosts?

    Hannibal, I found this old piano outside Lord Blackthorns castle and brought it here to clean it up, as I sat wiping off the keys I noticed a smear here and as soon as I went near it I was transported back in time.
    I know this sounds silly but I saw Narcissus, the old time seer from Atlantic. I am sure Narcissus and EM Bennu are the same person. Look here at my bookcase, its a clue. That is Bennu's tear on that piano key.

    Mumbling you have been breathing in to much dust, Queenie... Its Valentines day and the tavern is giving away free red beer tonight. Remember we have that darts tournament with the rest of the Crux soldiers too.

    Hannibal go ahead and reserve a seat at the tavern, I will be there shortly. Besides I want to interview a couple of the Crux soldiers about this strange dream I had and I need to know if anyone else has been affected by dreams.

    Looking back at the piano key, thinking the dream seemed so real. Going over and over the flashes of the dream in my head.

    Claudia Raym being raised by dragons after being casted out from her family and the town. Addie being raised by the Crux to turn out as the Time Lord and not become the king, Charlotte, Danica, The Crux Ansata.
    Even the Crux Blue armor. I know that color.

    Wishing I could separate that one key from the piano.... it tells a true love story.... A love for the Atlantic realm, a love for us. Atlantics love for a true wizard and story teller

    I will see if I can get an interview with EM Bennu (Narcissus) I only have to find him. If the trek through the harsh terrain, the long journey and months of research doesnt kill me

    Magazine.jpg View attachment 77292 Narcissus Bennu.jpg Claudia.jpg
    #2 Queen Arya, Feb 7, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2018
  3. Drakelord

    Drakelord Babbling Loonie
    Governor Contributor Alumni

    Apr 13, 2015
    Likes Received:
    UO Magazine1.jpg

    History of the YMCA​

    Founded sometime in 1999, the YMCA was a Seer blessed tower in Felucca right across from the Yew Grave yard. One of the Key people that had for years helped with maintaining the Peace in the YMCA was Dor. Many a Friday evening people from all over would attend Tall Tales night or as it was called Story Night. Sonoma Shard reporters that were just getting started were often sent there for their very first assignment.
    YMCA 2006Image4.jpg
    Here a short version of one such night from the old history files of one such reporter;

    Kimi Mori: quack
    Gypsy Queen: Quack!
    Kimi Mori: *smiles*
    Gypsy Queen: What's shakin', elf lady?
    Kimi Mori: oh not much,
    Kimi Mori: what your easter plans?
    Gypsy Queen: Driving all day to get back to school...
    Gypsy Queen: How about you?
    Dor: Greetings!
    Gypsy Queen: Quack!
    Kimi Mori: school! me? quite dinner with the family
    Kimi Mori: hail Dor
    Gypsy Queen: Nice shiny hat!
    Dor: This old thing?
    Dor: (literally)
    Gypsy Queen: *nods*
    Dor: hehe
    Kimi Mori: a true rare as it says sewn
    Dor: *nods*
    Dor: I made it the night I grand mastered Tailoring here
    Dor: in this tavern
    Kimi Mori: *nods*
    Dor: from rare black cloth
    Dor: Same with the sash
    Kimi Mori: it is a shame they change it with tailors to say craft today
    Kimi Mori: I can remember on LS traveling to Felucca to buy bolts of black cloth from a vendor in the
    Dor: heh
    Dor: Not on vendors when I used it
    Kimi Mori: Brit guard zone, near the wheat fields
    Dor: It was contraband
    Kimi Mori: *waves*
    Yule B Sori: Evening
    Gypsy Queen: Its a thief!
    Yule B Sori: Kimi...
    Dor: *hugs*
    Yule B Sori: has the smuggler in Yew been there long?
    Kimi Mori: *nods*
    Yule B Sori: lol.. figures
    Kimi Mori: aye he has
    Yule B Sori: was gonna dress up like the duck
    Kimi Mori: you speak of the one hiding in the Yew cave there near court of truth
    Yule B Sori: but decided against it
    Gypsy Queen: Good idea
    Dor: *grins*
    Yule B Sori: Yeah up on the coast
    Kimi Mori: *nods*
    Kimi Mori: he has been there
    Kimi Mori: since last yr
    Yule B Sori: and what purpose does he serve?
    Dor: Pointman
    Yule B Sori: nothing in the containers there
    Kimi Mori: he was involved in two events that happen
    Dor: lookout
    Yule B Sori: least they could do is make it spanning chests for the lock pickers
    Kimi Mori: both led to the return of the white hart and white rabbits
    Yule B Sori: spawning
    Kimi Mori: to the zoo, which are missing again
    YMCA 2006Image5.jpg
    Sadly today the YMCA doors on Sonoma are closed, (The tower is still open to the public) There are no more stories told there, all the old players are long gone from this world, but we hope to see more returning come Spring!
    #3 Drakelord, Feb 8, 2018
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2018
  4. Cinderella

    Cinderella Journeyman

    Jan 22, 2015
    Likes Received:

    "All of Me Loves All of You"
    by Lady Cinderella of Sonoma

    "All of you loves all of me" Why is this our song? I shall tell you the tale of how our love came to be.

    I heard about love at first sight but never experienced it til I met Brig Din Em. There was just something about him that brightened my day. He was a true gentleman, standing when anyone entered or left a room, held doors for the womenfolk,etc. Only he didn't know how i felt cause he fell into the web of lies and deceit of another woman. She claimed she went after him to save me from heartbreak.

    They didn't stay together and we both lost touch for a couple years. Then one day when i was out battling some sliths, there appeared Lord Brig Din Em. He distracted me by his presence and soon had to rez me. At the time we both told the other that we were happy, not wanting the other to know how we truly felt.

    We had many adventures in Ter Mur as friends and then came the day that he asked me if I was truly happy. And I then decided to change my destiny. A few months later we became a couple and was very happy.

    Then came a day when I had to seek healers. Brig Din Em held me and watched over me during the treatments the healers provided. He was my night in shining armor and never wavered from my side.

    The treatments took place in far away lands and afterwards we got married. I told my husband the only thing that could beat this was to get married where we first met. So a few months later we returned to the lands where we first met. Then the next thing I knew he was rushing me to the altar. He planned everything cause he wanted to make it special.

    The roses were gathered by both of us for the wedding chapel that was designed by Lady Darkstar(PAS). I traded roses with people from other realms just so we would have enough roses to climb up the towers. One lady Marisol McKay of Europa was in such awe that she brought people to see it. The white snowdrops were provided by KHV.

    The groom gathered up barrels and placed them in heart shapes to the north and south, so nobody could place houses there so they wouldn't block the chapel for the portraits commemorating our day. Someone told us we should've had the EM color them red but we didn't know if they had the power to do that.

    A couple days before the ceremony, Mesanna came to Sonoma to bring our rings. She asked us what we wanted on them. "A true love story, may our love be eternal, love Brig Din EM" is inscribed on mine. I should have had our song put on them but wasn't thinking... When she left there was this big M that covered the whole room of the keep. Brig didn't believe it when i told him.

    Then the wedding day arrived... I was so excited but nervous at the same time. I couldn't wait to share our love with all of Sonoma. We now realize that we should've done it in the evening time so others could've been there.

    Then our song began playing(music provided by UO Radio)...Walking up the aisle first was my bridesmaid Lady Brenda Joy(PAS) who used a fireworks wand. I walked next to KingDavid(PAS) til he went to stand next to my honorary matron of Queen Mum(TLF). EM Willow officiated the lovely ceremony.

    After the ceremony we all went back to my house for refreshments. I must confess tho that i kept the cake cause it was inscribed beautifully but not without taking a slice for each of us...
    Cause all of Me
    Loves All of You
    love your curves and all your edges
    all your perfect imperfections
    give your all to me
    I'll give my all to you
    You're my end and my beginning
    even when i lose I'm winning
    Cause i give you all of me
    And you give me all of you
    February 16, 2015
    Lady Cinderella & Lord Brig Din Em
    "All of Me Loves All of You"
    like a circle, our love will never end
  5. Drakelord

    Drakelord Babbling Loonie
    Governor Contributor Alumni

    Apr 13, 2015
    Likes Received:
    Are there any ♥Love Birds♥ out there

    This adventure starts on Formosa, a land far from most deep in the mysteries of the lands. One lone man, a blacksmith in Britain needed help for his annual quest.
    ?????: I have a story to share. This story takes us back to a long long time ago after the Chinese Odyssey love story. Wu Kong San use to be a hardworking smith in the land of Britain. Working day and night at the West bank north smith shop. He often goes to the Tavern after a hard day work. A young new lady working in the Tavern. That was her first day at work as a waitress.

    Tionne: *wonders if it was ♥ at first sight*

    ?????: Often as we know the Tavern is also full of adventurers, people from all work of life. The young waitress name was known as Zixia. Wu Kong since that day onward would often go the Tavern. After a while, they start chatting and love beginning. Life in Britain was always hard for a Blacksmith. Business was not good for a Blacksmith who would not go out to dig rare material. Rare material to craft better armor and weapon. Wu Kong know to give Zixia a better life, he would need to travel to Minoc to do some hard mining. So one day Wu Kong left a note to a fellow Blacksmith mate to pass to Zixia that he would travel to Minoc for a few week to do some mining and will return. Not knowing this Blacksmith mate who always admired Wu Kong hardworking style would lie and not give Zixia the note. He decided to tell Zixia that Wu Kong has gone to Trinsic to do his mining. He also says Trinsic often have wild boar or Mongbat that would eat a human. Zixia knowing Wu Kong was doing this so they can lead a better life. Decided to travel to Trinsic to give Wu Kong some morale support. She prepares some of Wu Kong favorite food so that when they meet. She would make an awesome meal for Wu Kong.

    On the journey there Zixia asked a swordsman warrior and fencer warrior to go with her. On the way, they were attacked by a bunch of daemons. Zixia and the fencer both got killed. The swordsman manages to escape and look for Wu Kong in Trinsic. They reported the news in the bulletin board at the inn. Wu Kong knew about it and was deeply sad. So every year a week before the valentine day. Wu Kong would make a point to travel to Tokuna to pick Zixia favorite flower. Then he would make the way back and visit the grave of Zixia and this is my story I am Wu Kong.

    Tionne: *wipe a tear*

    Wu Kong: I need your help the path to Tokuna has been blocked by monster since the volcano erupted will you help me?
    WuKong2.jpg WuKong3.jpg
    (Of course who could say no after hearing this tale of a lost love)
    WuKong4.jpg WuKong5.jpg
    It was a long and hard battle inside that volcano but in the end, Wu Kong was able to retrieve that flower.

  6. Drakelord

    Drakelord Babbling Loonie
    Governor Contributor Alumni

    Apr 13, 2015
    Likes Received:
    The Mage Tower of Sonoma
    Mage tower.jpg

    The Year is 2005, for over two weeks the People of Sonoma had gather building supplies for its NEW Tower of Sorcery on Moonglow Island. There was once such a tower on the Felucca side, (same location) but it had been destroyed years ago. 10/21/05 the ribbon was cut.
    Mage tower1.jpg
    The Sorcery Tower (Mage Tower) had everything a small city would have. Bank. Inn, Magery Shop, docks, stable master and a doorman, err Monster. You see most of the residents were not Human/Elves/Gargoyles. Nope, they were monsters.
    Mage tower2.jpg
    Recently the Stablemaster had gone AWOL and a very special guest had to get his replacement, the grand Lady Mesanna herself came and found our replacement, so once more the Mage tower had its stable master.

    Mage tower1a.jpg

    So if you are using the teleport for the lost lands you can always stop in at the Mage Tower to check that bank.
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  7. Drakelord

    Drakelord Babbling Loonie
    Governor Contributor Alumni

    Apr 13, 2015
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    Interview with the Cheerleader for Siege Perilous
    EM Cheering us on.jpg

    1. When did you realize that you needed to be the Cheerleader for Siege Perilous?
    To tell the truth, it wasn't all that long ago. I was wandering the roads of Siege, doing all sorts of tough, manly things, like throwing vorpal bunnies at people, and spawning neon pink ogres when fishermen least expected them. I mean, after all - nobody expects the neon pink ogre, do they?

    Then, I heard that some friends of ours from across the void had gone and outdone themselves again. And they'd outdone us. They'd beaten Siege Perilous’ Void Pool record!
    I was mad. I was madder than a box full of mad pixies. And let me tell you, if you put those little blighters in a box, and shake it all day, they get really mad. When they regain consciousness, anyway. And I do like to shake it all day.
    So, I said to myself, "self, what can you do about this?" So, I spent an hour down in the Void Pool, speeded up the spawner with my godly powers, got to wave 50,000, and was starting to wonder if there was more to life than this.
    Then I heard from the other EM, who was hanging around in HIS Void Pool, thinking about things. He'd also got to wave 50,000. We soon - well, ok, three weeks later - realized that no matter what we did, it would be a tie.

    So, we decided never to speak of our personal contest again and wondered what the players thought about this contest. That was illuminating.
    Turns out that the players of Siege had no need whatsoever for my godly powers. Wow. That was a kick in the pom-poms, I can tell you. I could do amazing things. I could make the spawner only spawn rabbits. I could put it up in the air, so all the spawn just FELL to their deaths. I could put a portal right in front of the spawner so that the monsters found themselves pouring into a guard zone and getting whacked the instant they appeared. But no. Siege's players didn't need ANY of that. I was gobsmacked.

    But I felt this swelling in my chest. My doctor confirmed that it wasn't a heart condition or some strange curse put on me by that other EM. What a relief! What I was feeling was PRIDE! I was so proud of Siege's players, I could burst!
    Thankfully, the doctor had given me some pills for that, so I didn't.

    So, I watched them through my super-duper EM spy scope. You really should close your curtains when you're writing these articles, you know. And stop doing that THING with your pen! Anyway, I watched them planning, and training, and doing push-ups, and making their dragons jog round Castle British while carrying heavy boulders. They were committed. They were dedicated. They were SIEGE!

    And so, I wondered and wondered how I could help them, without taking away anything from their efforts - and soon, I believed - their victory. Eventually, it struck me - I could encourage them when they grew tired. I could cheer them on when they started to see double. I could clear their minds when all they could see before them were troupes of tap-dancing war alligators! I would become....

    their cheerleader! THE Cheerleader! I would be magnificent! I would lift their tired spirits up from the depths, and make their hearts sing!

    So, I prayed to the Great Lady Mesanna and asked what a well-dressed cheerleader was wearing nowadays.
    She laughed and killed me on the spot.

    Two hours later, after I'd retrieved my last toe from the bottom of the Abyss and glued it back on, I sat down with needle and thread, and, still seeing spots and whirling colors, I began to work...

    2. Did you make the costume yourself?

    Well, no. I tried to, but I kept jabbing my finger with the needle. And do you know how hard it is to thread those things?!?
    What lunatic ever designed a needle? They're mad! Completely insane! i should know - when Mesanna zapped me, my brain flew out my ear. I think I found the right one - it's hard to identify a brain when you haven't got one.

    So, I grabbed a bunch of clothes that Bennu had left behind, threw them into a mystical EM dye tub, and stirred.
    And, looking at my watch, I realized that the attempt on the Void Pool was already underway, so I pulled the clothes on, dripping with dye, and legged it to Covetous!

    I got there just in time, too. I'm glad it all turned out the way it did!
    Fearless Cheerleader Siege Void Pool Jan. 28, 2018.jpg

    3. How long have you had ????
    Oh. That. I thought we weren't going to talk about that?
    Very well. That happened when I was learning how to be the best EM I possibly could.
    I put a test event together, to show what I could do.
    You'd have thought someone would have told the trainee NOT to go into certain areas - like the master shard control room!!!
    There was an explosion. A big one. Don't worry - only Atlantic was affected, and they don't have many players. Two or three, I think. But the explosion left me with a mortal fear of three-headed puppies. I just can't face them anymore. I used to love them and scratch them behind the ears, ears, ears, ears, ears, ears. Now - I just can't face their cute little triple faces. So now you know my sordid secret. I'm so ashamed.

    So, that's the sad, sordid tale of Siege's Cheerleader.

    I put aside my dignity, and pulled on the brightest of clothes, I danced for my people, entertained them I hope, and lifted their spirits.
    I did all this for one simple reason - and I want to shout this from the rooftops: SIEGE, I LOVE YOU!!!

    Happy Valentine's! 2rings_23899.gif

    EM Kincaid
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  8. Lady Kittie

    Lady Kittie Stratics EC & GL Shard Liaison
    Professional Governor Event Coordinator [MM&A] - Great Lakes

    Mar 17, 2014
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    Thank you for all the wonderful entries!!! So much love in the air here!
    We're all reading through them and will be sure to let you know soon the placements!