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The Land Endures

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Aedon Durreah, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    The Glade was always quiet at this hour. He had always loved the time just before dawn. The wee hours which pass far too quickly as the last tendrils of night gave way to the beckoning light of dawn. He often made his way to Aegis from Connemara to enjoy a cup of coffee in the in the peace of this time, doing his best to slip out of the house without disturbing Izzy’s slumber. He knew that should she wake, she would offer to accompany him. But in truth, it was the solitude of these hours he sought. His only company the small leather-bound journal that had been his friend and confessor through many long years. Entering the Rest, he was immediately aware that it had been in use the night before. A few chairs sat pushed back from the tables, and a stool had been scooted across the floor by someone seeking to get closer to the conversation at the table. But as always, those who had used the building had cleaned up any mess from drinks and food, and wiped down the tables and bar.

    The Rest was a community building. Owned as much by those who came to sit there and drink as it was by Aedon. It was not only easier that way seeing that Aedon need not be present when the building was occupied, but it also made the place friendly and welcoming. And after the years of strife Aegis had endured, some sense of peace and purpose suited her well. Putting on the pot, Aedon checked the supplies in the cabinets, making sure that there was an ample amount of food and drinks for the days use. He knew that soon fresh rolls, cakes and pies would be delivered by Miriam, along with those cookies he enjoyed carrying around in his pack. Satisfied with the current tally, he pulled out a couple of cookies for himself, and waited for the coffee to finish brewing. As the aroma filled the room, he breathed, then filling a cup, picked up his cookies and Journal and walked out the door of the Tavern, and over to the steps on the side leading up to the Inn. He sat for a few moments, journal and cookies on his lap, holding the coffee cup with both hands as he stared out into the misty morn of Yew.

    For a time, he sat there, neither drinking from his cup or munching n one of the cookies he had brought with him. This was a time of quiet contemplation. When the spirit of man and nature meet and welcome one another to a new day. There was a sense of awe which permeated his being, and called to him as one called by their deity to worship. This was his world, his cathedral, and for a time, all his life, past, present and future played on the dew touched grass before the Knights Rest. Drawing back form his reverie, Aedon looked towards the building which now housed Kanath Enterprises and smiled. Raising his cup in salute, he took a drink of his coffee, and then taking one of the cookies from where it sat on his journal, munched happily on it while allowing his thoughts to gather. He was so caught up in thought, he did not recall eating the other cookie until he reached for it, and found only dusty crumbs. Chuckling a bit, he sat his cup aside, brushed the cookie crumbs from his journal, and taking out a pen, began to write.

    It has been weeks now since Aly’s return to the area, and in that time, she has gotten much done. The warehouse is up, stocked and ready for business, and already I have seen an uptick of business type folks passing through Aegis. I have no doubt she will be successful. Seems that everything the lass puts her hand to turns to gold. She is a worker that one, and determined to make a good life for herself and her family. I was more than a bit pleased to see that Fiona, Kat and others of her house quickly followed her home. But I could not help but notice a wistfulness about her-not only when we spoke of friends long gone, but also as she leaned against the side of her building in the dusky hours, puffing on that damnable pipe of hers. It is a dirty habit, one that I could never understand the liking for. But it is a part of who she is and I am more than willing to smell the aroma of her pipe if it means having her here. Still, there was clearly something missing for her, a need to surround herself with the familiar forests she remembered walking in past lives, a need to be home.
    This I understand well having felt the draw back to Aegis on trips I took to far off lands. It is most keenly felt in the evening hours, when we are left alone with our thoughts and memories. I was elated therefore when she approached me one day and smiling said;

    “Well Durreah, I did it, I broke ground on Stormguard.”

    Stormguard, her fortress and stability. The place where in past years she kept safe not only her family, but her friends and all those in need of protection. A sanctuary within the Spiritwood which she loved dearly, and like me, felt a connection to the ground and trees. As she continued work on the building, I have stopped in and offered aid. But this was to Aly a labor of love, and one she wanted, no, needed to see through on her own. It was for her not only a place to live, but a monument that called out to all around, The Rangers of the Heart still live. It is an odd thing and yet not so odd to know that as she worked so diligently on her home, the spirits of those passed watched and gathered in close. Just as you can feel their presence in Ques if on a quiet night you listen for the murmurs of the past, so too was I aware of shadows moving around Stormguard and a contentment of souls now at peace.

    Picking up his cup, Aedon took another deep drink, savoring the flavor immensely. He thought about going inside and pouring a bit more, but he was transfixed as the first rays of morning broke through the mists and fell through the leaves of the trees forming puddles of golden light on the ground. Once again, he set aside his cup, and taking pen in hand, continued.

    And so, life within the forests of Sosaria is renewed. The Thunder Lord has returned, the Rangers, many baring new names, again walk the hidden paths of the Spiritwood, and for now, there is a contentment that wells up through the ground. And as for me here in Aegis, I am as content as I can be. my life has been good to me, and now-my long-time foe, my dearest friend, my connection to the past is home. And though I do not know for how long she will walk among us, and regale us with her stories, or delight us with her deep rich laugh, I am happy to have her around again. And now I hear that Stormguard is complete. When she told me this she was almost giddy, and I could almost see within her face and hear in her voice the exuberance of a young lass. Her labors done, her family and friends gathered near, it is now time to make her business flourish and leave yet another mark on Sosaria so that those who come after we are long gone will know that Alyssia Kanath once walked these woods.

    Closing his Journal, Aedon slipped it int his pack along with his pen. And then, taking up his cup drank down the last of the coffee. For a moment, he stared into the cup a bit disappointed, then, standing, he walked towards the door of the Rest, pausing to look towards the center of the Glade.

    Well Aegis old girl, I may not have tended you as the Knights once did. I have invited in pixies, fae, and other fanciful creatures, and handed over your very heart to pooka. But as Stormguard and Ques stand as a testament to the resilience of the Spiritwood, I hope that those who come after will see that The Rest and Innis Free and now this fine warehouse will stand as testament to those who have gone before me.
    Men rise and fall, but the land endures.
    Standing in silence a few moments, Aedon listened to the sound of the Glade waking to a new day. Then, walking inside the Knights Rest, closed the door.
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