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Sorry All, this guild is closed. Ask for help in Gen Chat, Shard will help

Discussion in 'Newborn on Siege 2' started by FrejaSP, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. FrejaSP

    FrejaSP Queen of The Outlaws
    Professional Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend Campaign Patron The DarkOutlaws, TDO

    Apr 12, 2001
    Likes Received:
    As we only had a few members at the time, I decided to close NEW2. This forum will be closed too.
    I'm working on a new guide for new and returning Siege player.
    Right now we try as shard to help in many ways. Here is what I have so far:

    Visit Siege Perilous
    Siege is different from the other shards in many ways and you can't transfer to it.
    You have to start with a new char, you can only have one char on an account but as many soulstones you can afford.
    You can start with an advance or mythic char token or do it the good old way. Keep in mind, NPC Vendors on Siege are lazy, they do not train skills and do not buy items and do not sell most resources. They also want 3x as mush for what they do sell.
    Now you may say, how would I be able to make it on Siege, there are no kind of recall, I can't buy, craft and sell to vendors and there are PK's everywhere on Siege as there are no Trammel.

    I can only say, give it a try, visite us, we do alot to make it easier for you.
    First we need to solve the problem with traveling, we have 4 ways of traveling.
    1. Public moongates, here you can start in the one behind bank west Bank of Britain but we all know, they don't get you everywhere.
    2. Crystal Portal and Corrupted Crystal Portal, they will take you to any bank or dungeon. you may not have a set or a house to place them in, no problem, you will find them in a lot public houses, just look for them.
    3. Public teleporters in houses. You can get around on Siege very well with using them together with crystal portals and public gates.
    4. Gates casted with Magery. For a new char, that's not an option and a warrior may not have the magery to do it.

    Now where to start yout trip. Make your char in Britain take the gate to New Magincia, this town do have most a newbie need.
    The community and stall vendors will buy, what you can gathrering and sell you a beetle. If no in stock, try join Gen Chat and ask for help.
    The houses do have good vendors and there are at least 2 public Hubs in the town, one 2 houses from the dock and Young Travelers Inn at the cove north of the bank. In houses around the cove, you will find public dye tubs, seed box and Davies Locker, soulforge, training dummies, crystal portals and alot more.
    Now start exploring the public teleporters and see where they goes too and that the houses offer. Some houses are near dungeons, some near other places.

    Now you may fear this teles are traps and will bring you in the hands of all the PK's, all tells live on Siege. Just traveling with nothing and you will see, the rumers are not true, however be careful with Luna, but even Luna are getting more nice.

    Also be careful if you hear wisp sound, run before it see you. We have some nasty Dark Wisps on Siege, they kill more newbies than PK's do and they may res kill and guard your corpes too. Only one good thing with them, they have no hands, so they can't loot.

    You may have heard about RoT, Rate over Time, Sieges Skill Gaining system. It's not a big issue now, the daily cap is gone and with easier access to pink scrolls SoT, RoT is more a feature than a slowdown. Just play the game and you will gain when time.

    If you should fall in love with our shard, you can place a house, without losing your Prodo shard house but if you stop playing, don't leave a dirt plot on Siege, leave the plot to someone who will use it and play on our shard.

    Also keep eyes on the Siege Forun, there may be player events going on.

    We look forward to See you on Siege