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EM Event Recluse of Wasteland

Discussion in 'Arirang EM Forum' started by EM Hanarin, Aug 6, 2014.

  1. EM Hanarin

    EM Hanarin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Dec 28, 2013
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    Seijiro disappointed when he heard about the survivor. Only one survivor….he doesn’t know how he report this to the Empress. He suddenly felt regret how could all this happened. He expected this might happen but didn’t expected daimyos are so aggressive toward to the Empress’s authorities so they couldn’t react as much as their political maneuvering. He still have no idea what was wrong with us or how could they think of such scheme.

    Seijiro starts talking in front of the Empress while he was lay down.

    “Talons of the Crow clan was eliminated except a boy, a son of their leader. My apologies, your majesty. There’s nothing I can say. It is all my fault.”

    The Empress didn’t move at all even she heard it. Although they were in special guest room to prevent anyone overheard this conversation, he could see her figure behind the veil. Nevertheless, he couldn’t see her moving.

    “Then the boy is the last one of their clan.”

    “Yes, your majesty. I brought Britannians into our mess but didn’t expected this…”

    He usually didn’t slur the end of his sentence but even for him, he couldn’t believe this result.

    “Then we don’t have a choice but to let him do the job.”

    Seijiro couldn’t believe what she said. Is she going to order him to do what ninjas do? He even thought the Empress lost her mind shortly.

    “Is that… Are you going to order him to do what their clan has done? He’s not…”

    A servant next to the Empress gave him a letter before he finish his words.

    “We still have time. Only thing matters is, when it ends.”

    Seijiro surprised when he read it. He look up to the Empress and realized that what he done is rude. He quickly lay down again and said.

    “I was so blind to understand your words! I’ll do what you asked!”

    After he left, the servant carefully said.

    “With all due respect, your majesty. I am hardly believe that he’s going to make it. If he fails, it will be danger to us.”

    The Empress put a hand over to her mouth and said.

    “If he fails, then it means I am not worthy for the Empress.”

    He shivers with that voice. He couldn’t see her face but he felt eyes of the Empress glares him.

    <Event Notification>

    Date/Time: 16th August, 2014. 10:00PM (KST/JPT) – 09:00AM EST

    Meeting Place: Britain EM Hall


    We are expecting combat situation during the event so we are strongly suggest that valuable items should be remain in the Bank or your house. We do not create your missing or lost item even if there is. Event estimated time is not too long so we also strongly advice you to join this event at time.


    If you try to interrupt, making problems, spamming, harassing EMs or someone else will result warning or perhaps something more than that. This will recorded into your account. Please pay attention to EM when he start speaking. EMs are doing their best to hear your opinions. Please understand this: In some parts, however, there’s nothing they could do. If you are doing such thing, EMs will stop the event immediately till it is solved or fixed.

    <Event Channel>

    During the event, please join the channel #Arirang EM Event to notify the information and communicate with EM. EMs will not take any responsibility if you have any trouble because of this.