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R3 Auction UPDATED 4pm Pacific Time (6PM CENTRAL)

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by Zolaf, Feb 24, 2013.

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  1. Zolaf

    Zolaf Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 10, 2009
    Likes Received:
    Sorry about the confusion, I got a few questions about the true time. it has been fixed and items have been added. Please look over the new improved list :). Newly added items are in BOLD RED for you to look easier.

    3 Snow Tiles 0.2mil min
    Ranger Armor Suit 0.05mil min
    Double Blessed Black Sandals 0.2mil min
    Conjurer's Grimoire 1mil min
    Weapons and Shields 0.5mil min
    Ticket to Claim a Vday Bear 30mil min
    Ethy Unicorn 3mil min
    Shroud of the Condemned 0.5mil min
    3 Shields, 2 General Weps 2mil min
    Set of 2 Oak Bonsais 0.2mil min
    Happy Holiday Tree 5mil min
    Spell Focusing Sash 1mil min
    I Lost my Head Playing Mesanna Roulette 30mil min
    Protector of the Battle 3mil min
    Rubble Set 0.3mil min
    Set of 5 Heritage Tokens 0.5mil min
    3.2 Fishing SoT 3mil min
    Dragons Tooth 40mil min
    28sdi General Spellbook 1mil min
    Weapon Engraving Tool 1.5mil min
    25+ Stat Scroll 4mil min
    Raised Garden Bed 15mil min
    6.0 Begging SoT 4mil min
    28 Grass Tiles 0.2mil min
    2 Bless Deeds 8mil min
    Light Blue Easter Basket 0.1mil min
    Pigment Set 1mil min
    Glacier Spellbook 20mil min
    120 Eval Taming Chiv 4mil min
    8466 Enhanced Bandages 0.25mil min
    Wearables Bag 1mil min
    Secret Chest 20mil min
    Drake Costume 3mil min
    Imbued Suit (6 pieces + Tali) 7.5mil min
    Cloak of Silence 2mil min
    Bag of 20 Plainly Maps 0.02mil min
    Happy Holiday Tree 5mil min
    Napa Mesanna Rose 20mil min
    Full Soulstone Token 16mil min
    7.9 Imbuing SoT 4mil min
    Anthropomorphist 4mil min
    Sense of Wonder 10mil min
    Set of 3 Blessed Statues 0.3mil min
    Conjurer's Garb (no luck) 35mil min
    2010 Saint Patricks Day Doublet 2mil min
    A 10000000000000000000 Diamonds Bracelet (Modified Bracelet of Binding) 5mil min
    Heart of Compassion 3.5mil min
    Lietenent Sash (replica) 40mil min
    Chest of Sending 2mil min
    Set of EM Cyno Razik Masks 0.25mil min
    A Piece of Jack Passers Cell 0.5mil min
    Hat of the Magi 2mil min
    Hand of the Defiler 0.5mil min
    Set of 120 Scrolls 1.5mil min
    Clean Haste Ring 70mil min
    Golden Fleece 50mil min
    Crimson Cincture 25mil min
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.