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Player Quest - The Book of Destard

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Shadowcards, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Shadowcards

    Shadowcards Guest

    *a parchment is posted in the usual areas*
    People of Sosaria,
    I am the Shadow. I have travelled to your realm in order to find a collection of ancient tomes that exist in your realm. They are known as the Books of Sin. My search for these tomes have taken me to a variety of realms. Now my search has brought me here, to yours.
    Long ago, these books were crafted by a necromancer known as Prakas. They were his response to the Shrines of Virtue that our departed Lord British created. He his these books in a ghostly realm that becomes reachable when the twin moons are in the right junction. That right junction is this Thursday.
    At that time, I will be able to provide you with the location of the Book of Destard and the power word needed to say to the Book's Guardian in order to retrieve the Book.
    Due to the dangerous location that the book is probably hidden in, I am looking for strong adventurers to locate the Book for me. Travelling to your realm has left my normal form in a weakened state. You will be rewarded for your assistance in finding the Book. I will be offering a reward of 100,000 Gold pieces to the one that brings me the Book of Destard.
    I ask that you gather at the tavern just to the west of the Umbra Bank at 8pm GMT on Thursday, Januardy 10th.
    Your assistance in locating this book and the other seven books is greatly appreciated.

    -- The Shadow

    [The Books of Sin is a multi-shard quest that I have been working on over the past few years. The Eight books are evil Tomes that influence the sin in others. While the Books of Sin quests are primarily role-play in nature. The actual hunt for the Books are open to anyone. This is the third shard that I will be running these quests on and I have had a great experience so far in meeting with the people of Europa. I will be editing the information later as the forces of good will be gathering at the same time, but in a different location... most likely the Skara Brae Community Center]
  2. Shadowcards

    Shadowcards Guest

    Eric the Red is asking for help in preventing the Shadow from recovering the Book of Destard. Anyone willing to prevent this ancient tome of evil from falling into the wrong hands are asked to come to the Skara Brae Community Center at 8pm GMT on Thursday.