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Pacific Auction House List For September 16, 2012

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Sep 16, 2012.

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  1. Come and join us for another fun day at the Pacific Auction House. We have a great line up of items for Sunday September 16, 2012 starting at 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern. We are located North East for the Luna Moon Gate inside the Luna Walls. We have huge UO GOLD checks as door prizes. CYA THERE!!!!


    Golden Harpsicord
    6 Piece Samp Suit,All 70's 75 ene LMC 40% +25 Fire HPR 14 Hpi 25
    50 Powders of Fortifying
    Prismatic Lenses

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    6 Piece Samp Suit,All 70's 75 ene LMC 40% +25 Fire HPR 14 Hpi 25 4,000,000
    A Goblet Of Exceptional Quality - Exceptional 25,000
    Scrapper's Compendium and Rune Books all in Sigil color 25,000
    9 Virtue Tile Deeds (full Set) 200,000
    Pendant Of The Magi 50,000
    2 Pieces of a Tortue Rack 50,000
    Quiver Of Infinity 50,000
    Staff Of Pyros 50,000
    Home of the Hearth Fire deed and a Ladder Deed 100,000
    Yew Runic Fletcher's Tools 25,000
    Tome Of Enlightement 25,000
    Bloody Sash 25,000
    50 Powders of Fortifying 1,500,000
    Sentinel's Guard 50,000
    Mannequin Deed 25,000
    Fisherman's Weapon/Armor Set 250,000
    Virtuoso's Armor Set 250,000
    Bestial Armor Set 250,000
    Robes, Queen Dawn Forever, Human & Elves Are Our Friends and Gargoyles are Our Friends 75,000
    Scouts Armor Set 250,000
    Crystal Portal 750,000
    Corrupted Crystal Portal 750,000
    A Body Sash & a Skullcap, Both 2x Exceptional 100,000
    Potted Tree and Plant set 250,000
    14th Anniversary Gift Ticket 50,000
    Friends Of The Library Reading Chair 100,000
    Mannequin Deed 25,000
    Mailbox filled with Nice rune books 50,000
    5 Display Cases (South) dyed black/Gray 100,000
    2 Display Cases (East) dyed black/Gray 35,000
    Fire Pit Deed 50,000
    Tool Kit (Old Style) 25,000
    A Clothing Bless Deed 100,000
    Funiture Dye Tub 100,000
    Kasa Of The Raj-In 50,000
    Necro Alacrity X5 25,000
    Fountain Deed 50,000
    Plus Luck Statue 100,000
    Sherry The Mouse Statue 100,000
    Blessed Burglar's Bandana 100,000
    2 Hand-Folded Dragons in a Picnic Basket 500,000
    Prismatic Lenses 8,000,000
    Doom Rare Weapons (Zyronic Claw & Titan's Hammer) 3,000,000
    Empty Nest 500,000
    Blanket Of Darkness 500,000
    Covy Artifacts 500,000
    Horned Runic Sewing Kits with 180 uses 1,000,000
    Golden Harpsicord 15,000,000
    Harrow 1,000,000
    1 Dozen Whispering Roses 500,000
    Palm Rubble 100,000
    Both Red Sword Displays 600,000
    Dried Up Ink Well 100,000
    2 Promotional Tokens 600,000
    Rubble Log Pile 200,000
    Speak "sarcophagidae" in The Central Room Of The Tomb, Book 100,000
    Rubble Coat Wall Rack 100,000
    Rubble Shelves 100,000
    Rubble Plant/Grass 100,000
    Glossy Fuchsia Pigment with 2 uses 500,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House
    CHECK OUT THESE SITES PLEASE WhisperingRoseRadio.com
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