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Pacific Auction House list for April 29, 2012

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Pacific Auction House brings you great items again this week plus huge door prizes!!! Auction starts at 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern and the house is located in East Luna...CYA THERE!!!!


    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Ring Of The Vile 50,000
    Reading Glasses Of The Trades 50,000
    Mace And Shield Reading Glasses 50,000
    Ring Of The Elements 50,000
    Essence Of Battle 50,000

    Sash "Greetings From EM Tazzy!" 10,000
    A Copper Shilling 10,000
    Tripple Slayer Katana 50,000
    A Coupon For A Free Hair Restyling 10,000
    Blaze Of Death 25,000

    Beehive 100,000
    Just for You & 4 Da Best Candies 10,000
    "Bird" 50,000
    "Feathers" 50,000
    A WoodenBox Of Exceptional Quality (Exceptional) 25,000

    For A Special Friend, From Fx & Please Be Mine, From Fx 10,000
    The Redeemer 25,000
    White!!!! A Holiday Bell From Greyburn 75,000
    Sigal Color Fishing Pole 25,000
    Sigal Color Spell Book 25,000

    Polar Bear Mask 10,000
    Peach Tree deed 100,000
    Bracelet +15 Veterinary, SPI 7%, FC 1 25,000
    Talsman Of The Fey (Squirrel Form) 25,000
    2 Wall Torch Deeds 150,000

    A Pot Of Eggnog 10,000
    A Bow (practice Weapon) 10,000
    Alchemist Bauble 10,000
    I Saved The Day And All I Got Was This Fancy Shirt 10,000
    Hitching Post (replica) 100,000

    White Soulstone Fragment 100,000
    Nocturne Earrings 100,000
    10 Pinkies 100,000
    Necklace of Diligence 100,000
    Golden Pushme Pullyu 100,000

    Cloak Of Power 100,000
    Gold Fishing Net 100,000
    Snake Skin Boots 100,000
    Ultima Banner 100,000
    Fountain of Life Deed 100,000

    Mage Alacrity Times 5!!! GM Magery in a HURRY!!!! 50,000
    10 Message in a Bottle 50,000
    20 Dull Copper Hammers 50,000
    Horned Runic Sewing Kit with 90 uses 100,000
    20 Powders of Fortifying 500,000

    Full Daemon Bone Armor with RARE Helmet 25,000
    Metal Box 25,000
    5 13th Anniversary Tickets (You Can Get The Display Cases With These) 25,000
    100% Med LRC Suit (Can Be Powdered 1st and than Imbued) 25,000
    A Clothing Bless Deed 250,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.