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Pacific Action List for Sunday February 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM Pacific

Discussion in 'UO Pacific Events' started by PacificAuctionHouse, Feb 19, 2012.

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  1. Pacific Auction House is on again this Sunday!!!

    Come on in and enjoy a fun filled afternoon...win bids and also win huge door prizes.

    The fun starts at 1:00 PM Pacific ~ 4:00 PM Eastern and the Auction House is located in Luna North East of the Luna Moon Gate on Pacific.

    CYA THERE!!!


    Full Set of Tokuno Dyes
    Tamers Dream Set,Mark of Travesty and 2 Jewelry sets
    5 Lucky Coins
    A Mini House Deed "Thatched-Roof Cottage" (Rares of them all)
    12 Different Slayer Spellbooks
    7 Rare & Different Pigments of Tokuno

    !!!!!!!!!!CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    Potted Tree 50,000
    Raed's Glory 10,000
    Fountain Deed 25,000
    Pumice 5,000
    A Hatchet (practice weapon) 50,000

    Dawn's Music Box 75,000
    Glacial Staff 25,000
    Artic Death Dealer 10,000
    Bloody Water 10,000
    Rune Book for Felucca Champ Spawn Entrances 5,000

    2 Goblets Of Celebration 25,000
    Gold Bricks 10,000
    Shadow Fire Pit Deed 10,000
    Valorite War Mace 10,000
    Katrina's Crook 5,000

    Flower Pot 50,000
    Mongbat Dartboard 50,000
    Potted Tree 50,000
    An Albino Squirrel Imprisoned In A Crystal 75,000
    Ornate Crown Of The Harrower 100,000

    100 Blaze Cloth 25,000
    A Green Mug "A Glass Of Pink Champagne" 25,000
    Set of Twilight Lanterns 25,000
    Cloak Of Corruption 100,000
    Tamers Dream Set,Mark of Travesty and 2 Jewelry sets 5,000,000

    Full Set of Tokuno Dyes 20,000,000
    Mystic Gargish Battle Axe Of Defence 5,000
    5 Lucky Coins 5,000,000
    Gold Dragon Barding Deed 10,000
    A Heritage Token 100,000

    2 Tables Double Exceptional 50,000
    Burglar's Bandana 5,000
    Soul Seeker 5,000
    Talon Bite 5,000
    Aegis Of Grace 5,000

    Fey Leggings 5,000
    Holiday Timepiece 5,000
    Sword Display 5,000
    Honorable Swords Of Romi 5,000
    Flute Of Renewal 5,000

    Staff Of Power 5,000
    Boomstick 5,000
    Death's Essence (pants) 5,000
    Breymist Armor (Sleves) 5,000
    War Fork 5,000

    A Mini House Deed "Thatched-Roof Cottage" (Rares of them all) 5,000,000
    12 Different Slayer Spellbooks 1,000,000
    2 Tokuno Dyed Mats 100,000
    2 Super Weapons 50,000
    7 Rare & Different Pigments of Tokuno 1,000,000

    Sack Of Booze (14 different 0nes) 500,000
    Flower Pot 500,000
    Soulstone Fragment Token 500,000
    Barrel Of Jack Daniels 50,000
    Bamboo 100,000

    10 Dull Copper Runic Hammers 100,000
    20 Messages in A Bottle 100,000
    Large Bod (Exc Valotite Plate) 100,000
    10 Powder Of Fortifying 100,000
    Barbed Runic Sewing Kit 100,000

    Thanks From The Pacific Auction House

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