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Nidaros MonthLong Celebration Schedule

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake Events' started by Eyes of Sosaria, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Nidaros has been busy putting together the celebration events of their 1 year Anniversary in the Month of September. last week, the residents of Sosaria enjoyed a "RUNE HUNT", run by mayor Zanku and Deputy Mayor Maedhros. The winners received a glorious award & the other contestants enjoyed gifts for playing along. A 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place award was given.

    The remaining Celebration schedule is set forth in the following order:

    SEPTEMBER 13th: 9 PM. "Classic" ship Regatta Race. Meet at Nidaros Townhall with a "Classic" ship in tow. A gate will be provided at the Townhall. (Classic ships were picked so that everyone could participate)

    SEPTEMBER 20th: 9 PM: Nidaros Archery Contest, with an additional event possible. Archers of the Realm, bring your best bows. Meet at the Nidaros Town Library. (A rune sets on the townhalls steps to the Library)

    SEPTEMBER 27th: 9 PM: THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT. Everyone will meet at the Nidaros Townhall. A gate will be provided to the starting point of the 1st event, which will be the Nidaros "BAREBACK" Horse Race. This fun race will include surprises along its path to the finish line which will be at the Banner in Nidaros. Horses, Ostards, and Llamas are the required mounts for the race. Afetr the Race and awards are handed out, there will be a celebration speech given by The Governor of Pax along with a speech by the mayor of Nidaros, Mayor Zanku, and any others that would like to say something.

    There will be a BIG layout of food, drinks, and anything the mayor can pull out of his bag. Be sure to attend the events coming up if possible and celebrate with a fellow neighbor.

    So mark your calanders and hope to see you all there. For any questions, please leave all messages in the mailbox at the Nidaros Townhall.