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New Oceania Ventrilo

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Oceania Ventrilo, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Oceania Ventrilo

    Dec 16, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Oceania now has a free public Ventrilo voice chat server for all to use!

    Simply download a Ventrilo version 3 client for your device and enter the following details. Search for Ventrilo in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download Ventrilo clients for mobile devices, or simply go to Ventrilo.com to get the normal PC program. Note that no password is required (leave blank) to connect as a guest account. Contact an Admin or Mod to become registered.

    Server Details:

    Port: 4211


    Live Server Stats: Oceania Ventrilo

    This server is free for all Oceanian and Ultima Online players to use.

    Please always treat others with respect when using this server. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated!

    Contact a mod or admin if you have any questions, need help, or would like to become a member to gain access to the Members Area. Private guild channels can also be created for you.

    To contact an Admin or Mod, simply open a private chat with one by right clicking their name and opening the menu, then hover over User, then click Private Chat. Admins and Mods can be identified by the [SA] and [M] abbreviations before their names, respectively.

    Explanation of the abbreviations that appear before usernames in the server:

    (G) - Guest. Ask an Admin or Mod to become a user.
    (R) Registered User.
    (DJ) - Radio Station.
    (S) - Special Account.
    (M)- Moderator.
    (A) - Admin.


    Q: What does a "C", "N", "G", "M", "S" or "P" mean before a username?

    A: "C" shows that a user has global chat open. "N" means the user is in a channel that is muted. This is usually in lobbies. Change channels to speak. "G" means the user has been globally muted. "M" means you muted the user. "S" shows you have special effects on a person, such as turning up their volume. "P" means phantom.

    Q: How do I turn someone's volume up or down?

    A: Right click the person's username. Go down to Miscellaneous. Click Special Effects. Move Volume from the Available side to Current. Adjust to what you desire. To change it highlight Volume under Current and click Properties.

    Q: How do I get Ventrilo to work if I can't talk when another program is on top of it?

    A: Close Ventrilo. Right click the Ventrilo shortcut icon on your desktop. Select Run as Administrator. Restart Ventrilo.

    Q: Why have I been moved to the Auto Timeout channel?

    A: After your computer has been inactive for over 90 minutes you will be automatically moved to this channel by the server. This is done to prevent people's data being wasted while they aren't using their computer.

    Q: Can I use Ventrilo on my smartphone?

    A: Yes! For Android users, get the Ventriloid app on the Google Play Store. For Apple users, get the Ventrilode app on the Apple App Store. These apps work in the same way that the Ventrilo program for PC does.
    #1 Oceania Ventrilo, Sep 7, 2016
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2017
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  2. Oceania Ventrilo

    Dec 16, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Oceania Ventrilo now features two radio stations, Radio Oceania and Oceania Talk Radio. Log in to the Vent server (see post above) to listen to the stations!

    Radio Oceania plays the best music from the 80s, 90s, & today. Featuring the biggest hits from every genre from Rock to Classical and everything in-between, Radio Oceania is the soundtrack to Oceania!

    Oceania Talk Radio is UO talk shows and podcasts from all around the world, including Australia! From interviews with UO creator Richard Garriott, to podcasts from players past and present, to play guides and reviews of the game itself, Oceania Talk Radio has it all.