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My Sims - New Online Game

Discussion in 'EA Land/The Sims Online Stratics Forums' started by KChan, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. KChan

    KChan Guest

  2. Hile

    Hile Guest

    I don't know how that warrants the Sims logo. It's not remotely the Sims at all. Also its only for Nintendo DS and Wii. I guess they thought slapping a Sims logo on it will help it sell.
  3. boggslane

    boggslane Guest

    Man, do I ever hate EA. That makes my blood boil, grinding my teeth, grrrr.:gun:
  4. Big Mac

    Big Mac Guest

    I heard it was kiddish from someone who has it on wii.

    My blood boils too about it...we lost an online sims game that all ages played to one coming soon that is more for kids.
  5. Starrfoxx

    Starrfoxx Guest

    The flyer does say that My Sims is coming out for the PC. I read that also when I got my copy of Apartment Life.

    Maybe this is the "online" project that they were working on for sims? I remember them having a job posting a long while ago for an online project for Sims.
  6. See, that's why they're trying to take over Take Two Interactive. The wise sages at EA realize the profit potentials of the untapped kiddie market, so they're planning a whole new version of Grand Theft Auto. In the new version, you'll drive your Big Wheel all over town, shaking down the other kids' lemonade stands and stealing their paper routes...
  7. Milton

    Milton Guest

    Call it Grand Theft Tricycle.
  8. sage84

    sage84 Guest

    My Sims is a cute game. Have it for Wii.
    However, not sure if I would want to play it online. Makes me think of how EA ran TSO. If it doesn't go the way they plan will they give up on it also?

    Unlike TSO, My Sims is geared for all ages. TSO wasn't meant for kiddies.
  9. MiamiFan

    MiamiFan Guest

    They can take this new game stick it where the sun don't shine EA screwed us as far as I can see