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Murder in the Castle!!!

Discussion in 'Roleplay Storylines' started by Merik, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Murder in the Castle!!!
    Township Summit Room
    March 3, 2010


    A noble residing in the castle was found slain today. Miss Watson an
    emissary from Kijustsu Anei Village discovered the body earlier this
    evening. Miss Watson stated that she had arrived early to visually
    inspect the Township Summit Hall. She went on to inform us that an
    arrow was found lodged in the chest of the body. When questioned
    further, she refused to elaborate. I was able to get a look at the body
    and a empty envelope could be seen in the noble's hand. The envelope
    was addressed to Lady Tavalia Zodok.


    I was able to question a guard who was in a room next door. He said he
    heard a lot of commotion in the halls but that was nothing unusual. The
    castle always has a lot going on, however he heard a scream and then a
    recall or sacred journey spell sound. He was able to inform us the young
    lady's name was Kim but could not give us any information about her
    function within the castle.

    We will keep investigating and asking questions around the castle.
    Any new information we will release to you.