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Introducing New Recruits

Discussion in 'The United Pirates' started by hawkeye_pike, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. hawkeye_pike

    hawkeye_pike Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran

    May 15, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This is the place to introduce new crew members. For the sake of nostalgy, I will offer a list of sea dogs who joined us in the past (the list may not be 100% complete; not all of them are still pirates):

    Nov 2010: Blaggut, Fingers LaPinch, Abigail Cross, Sofia, Blind Tom Pirate, Hunter Smythe, Burrannon
    Oct 2010: Celia the Seahag, Vander, Rotgut Pete, Bob Barracuda, Joftaz, Sydrik Harpune, Macon Smythe, Wisp, Kyra Stoneshaper
    Sep 2010: Gonzo, Tinkerbell, Red Nine Toes
    May 2010: Jimmy Bones
    Mar 2010: Drake Reilly, Capt Jack Black, loggins, John Gallat, Mona Malacore
    Feb 2010: Arkon, Dripping Blood, The Blue, Arutha, Kane Redskull, Raven Gustare, Krys Wyn
    Jan 2010: Finch, Dirty Jeremiah, Black Dog
    Dec 2009: -
    Nov 2009: Barbarosa, WidoW
    Oct 2009: Elaina, Farsight, Schuyler Bain, Sailor Joe, Dirty Dan, Boss McHagis
    Sep 2009: Elrik, Mordokai, Boris, Sethric
    Aug 2009: Zatush'Faugh
    Jul 2009: Talen NightWolf
    Jun 2009: -
    May 2009: -
    Apr 2009: John Rackham, William Worley, Chevy II
    Mar 2009: Mien, Bronwynn MacKail, Jake Silvers
    Feb 2009: Jack PoisonFang, Raziel, Sarda, Servilia Severa, Amelia Sardue, Aurorix, Brendon
    Jan 2009: McGregor, Drantac Turner, Clubber Lang
    Dec 2008: Habu, Aneirin, Lucius Ovidius, William Pordobel, Brandon Jones, Khayr ad-Din
    Nov 2008: Rictas Raleigh, John RavenClaw, Seren Devonf, Tammy Lancet, Friendon
    Oct 2008: Mortis Velox, Bad Boy, Sea Dog, Opis Moges, Riker, Billy-Roy, Jonah S'fedrian, Strong Hammer, Genesis
    Sep 2008: Drake Ta'Kier, Calico Jake, Alfonts, Mary Read, Genesis, Tsukushi Makino
    Aug 2008: Argus Bloodbeard, Bill-Roy, Didorial, Mr Sting, Sling Blade, The Strider, Inga
    Jul 2008: Tucker, Lucy, Va'lis Razele, CatLord, Xerog, Zegan, Waldo Blackheart, Nicklas Mc Arthur, Ciaran, Threndor, Pollywog, Zoren D'ordahdo, Arya, Kira, Sir
    Jun 2008: Lumberlord, Sasuke, Steven
    May 2008: Horatio, Kady
  2. Blind Tom the Pirate

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 25, 2011
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