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EM Site Feed [EVENT] A Path Once Tread

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by UO News, Sep 1, 2019.

  1. UO News

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    Jan 30, 2009
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    4/18/2019 – Meeting with the ranger Abigail at the Rangers Guild Hall, the rangers learned that Shamino was incapacitated from the recent event involving the corruption of the Shrine of Valor. Wishing to continue the rangers’ work, Abigail told the rangers that she desired to seek out a person named in Julia’s journal, that went by the name Katrina. She had also learned from Shamino before his injury that he knew of a man named Feridwyn of New Magincia that could help find her.

    Shortly after they arrived in New Magincia, the rangers encountered Feridwyn at the town inn. Considering Katrina a dear friend, Feridwyn was quite concerned for her, as he said she had left New Magincia many years ago and had not been seen or heard from since. After the destruction of Magincia, Katrina had departed for Ilshenar, more specifically the meer town of Lakeshire. Though Feridwyn remembered that Katrina had spoke of Julia in the past, he couldn’t remember what they had encountered on their journey together.

    The rangers searched for Katrina in Lakeshire unsuccessfully until encountering a Meer with whom she had been acquainted. The elder, Koto, also had not seen Katrina in a little over a year. He recalled that she had arrived in Lakeshire shortly after Magincia’s destruction, having been deeply devastated at the loss of the once beautiful town, hoping to ease her troubled heart. What he remembered most vividly, however, was how Katrina spent much of her time sitting under a great tree to the north, one which was sacred to the Meer. WIth little else to go on, the rangers made their way to the tree on the chance they might encounter a possible trail to follow.

    To their surprise, they did find none other than Nico Radu the gypsy merchant. Nico, it seemed, was also acquainted with Katrina, having met her before she had left Lakeshire a year ago. He also noted that she had made a deal with him, trading her gold ring for a seed that, despite being rather mundane, Nico claimed to have some magical properties. With a broad smile, Nico happily offered any knowledge he possessed about Katrina if the rangers were willing to make a deal, the deal being quite simple: the rangers would secure a particularly large silverleaf tree that Nico recently heard about, ensuring that it was cleared of any pests before a band of Jukans that Nico had hired arrived to chop it down. The rangers reluctantly agreed and made their way to the caverns behind the city of Mistas, where the tree was said to have been.

    Upon finding the tree the rangers also discovered, to their surprise, that it was being inhabited by an elusive race of creatures known as emps. Though initially reluctant to approach, one of the emps addressed the rangers, wishing to know if the rangers were planning on destroying their home. Upon further inquiry, the emp explained that the tree had been given to them by a “kind lady” that had planted its seed and care for it for many months. The emps would watch her as she sat under the tree and cry, which eventually drew them to her in a desire to bring her comfort. The emps, being empathic in nature, were able to cheer up their melancholic friend – but upon doing so the tree seemed to transform into a rare silverleaf. The lady would leave shortly thereafter, gifting the emps with the tree that she had grown. The emp offered to tell the rangers where she had gone if they could protect the emps from the Jukan lumberjacks, to which the rangers eagerly agreed.

    Once the Jukan party was defeated, the emp whispered the location to Abigail and the rangers were on their way, hiking through the mountainous region until coming upon a hidden valley, where they found a solitary woman watching over a small flock of sheep. After their long search, the rangers had finally managed to track down Katrina. They convinced her to come back to Britannia, however Katrina expressed a desire to meet with the rangers another time to tell her story, as he had some business she wished to take care of.

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