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CRIMSON PIRATE RUN folo'ing EM event

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake Events' started by Pirate Blackfoot, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. On October 7th, at 8 PM Eastern, there is an EM Event called "Tight Lines". Following this event, the CRIMSON PIRATES of Chessy, that notorious renegade pirate group that has in the past and present terrorized shipping and residence of Sosaria, will be sailing and marauding their way across the highseas in Felucca waters. There are at present about 5 different highseas adventure groups, (including Crimson) on Chessy. So those of you that want to collect the bounty placed on these marauding scallywags, are more then welcome to come find us.There will be "Booty" to be had if you can capture us inside one of the holds, besides the chance to collect the bounty put on our heads by the other groups.

    Also note: That on October 5th, Wednesday, between 8:30 PM Eastern & 9:30PM, the Crimson Pirates will be holding a recruitment party at the Trinisic Keg & Anchor Tavern in Tram. Anyone interested in becoming a pirate or wanting to RP as such, is more then welcome to show up , eat , drink, and be merry. All free, compliments of the Crimson Pirates. So Bring your swashbuckleing self down to the Tavern and check it out.