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Battle of the Matriarch's

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Role Play' started by Daenyra, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. Daenyra

    Daenyra Journeyman

    Oct 17, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Since Angel's death tensions had been tense within DragonStone Clan Jaden had taken over the castle at dagar Island and Aleera had took up at the Guild Hall, slightly odd turn of events. Dragon Lady on an Island inhabited by the undead and Aleera lurks around the Guild, gathering forces for her side. I had all but enough of the friction between those two and I have been listening to talk of a worm hole into another world like this one of Catskills. If things do not change I will set forth looking for such a place.

    The weeks were passing and I felt My Mother, Aleera was up to something, while Jaden was pushing everyone close to her away, her visits in public places had almost diminished. Since the Cult had been discovered in Khaldun, Aleera had become even more weird then ever before, walking around mumbling to herself. Life was just miserable. Aleera seemed to want power and her motherly actions she had taken up since she found me was becoming harsh and bitter, now it seemed more jealousy then love.

    DS (DragonStone) was falling apart lack of caring on my behalf perhaps but I can not take much more of this between these two women. So a meeting with the two was in order and I would wait at the guild Hall for both to show up. First slides in Aleera wickedly smiling that evil grin of hers and sits in front of my desk to the west, patiently waiting for Jaden I glance at Aleera and begin " You know she is my Older Sister and I love her so I will warn you you take this to far there shall be a price to pay", glaring towards me I knew I had struck a nerve with Aleera, at that moment the doors open, it was Jaden stepping inside the hall Looking most elegant as always, reaching for her kasa she slides it off her head staring towards Aleera and smiling.

    As I begin, it feels like me the youngest in the room is beginning a lecture to them both. " I asked you both here today because things have gone a lil odd. First of all Aleera you need to find a residence and stop lurking around the guild Hall its as if you are trying to turn the clan against its family, it is fine you want to bounce around on hunts and scouting trips with the clan your help is by far needed however this is a Dragon family, and Jaden I am perfectly content with you taking over The castle on Dagar Island , a lil odd but I think its a good place to build a team to fight the undead. However you have just abandoned the family and you are the Matriach of the dragon Clan now not I, I am simply a little sister. You were who was appointed this position and you never check in here in Dragonstone any more, I kinda get that but the family still needs you! " looking to make sure I hadn't upset her, I continue " So my suggestion is this, Aleera I am going to leave you in charge of the scouts and hunters of DragonStone (*DS*) and Jaden you need to step back into your role the family needs you , you need to go back to your roots and call in The Dragon Bloodline (*DB*) and try to be social when you can. Its not healthy to stay secluded. In the meantime I have heard of a whole new world I will have reports sent to me of how things are going here but I expect you both to work this out. Jaden you and only you can be and should be in charge of the Family affairs so I leave the entire Clan and Family responsibilities to you while I am gone, you will hold the key to linking these two groups together and no argument from you Aleera, you so much as attempt to Cross her Demons shall hunt you down and a price will be taken from you. Now this coming Monday November 19 at 8 est pm, (DragonStone Hall next to Ter Mur Moongate) I am calling for all those interested to be here and meet at this meeting Hall for you Jaden to step into the role you were always meant for.....