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Armory/Ship Depo...

Discussion in 'Government' started by The Hands Of God, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone,

    Ok for starters i want to tell you all what the porpuse of this thread is for. This is information about how you can donate items to the armory/ship depo for our members. (mainly for the new expansion to make the cannon/ammo for the new ship but other items to help out members is also helpful)

    I will have a mail box outside my house in the Kijustsu Anei Village. We do need the following items to make cannons and ammo Ingots, Boards/Logs and Cloth. If you do have a sepcial request that you would like me to make cannons for your ship i will be happy to do so.

    Here is a list of what it takes to make these items.


    Light Ship Cannon
    900 Ingots and 50 Boards or Logs

    Heavy Ship Cannon
    1800 Ingots and 75 Boards or Logs


    Heavy Cannonball
    12 Ingots

    Heavy Grapeshot
    12 Ingots and 2 Cloth

    Light Cannon
    6 Ingots

    Light Grapeshot
    6 Ingots and 1 cloth

    NOW!! you will need several items to "Charge/Prime" you cannon so you can fire your ammo. These items will need an Alchemist and Cook to make some of the items, I can make these as well so have no fear.

    Items needed to Charge/Prime


    Light Powder Charge: 1 Cloth, 1 Black Powder.

    Heavy Powder Charge: 1 Cloth, 4 Black Powder.


    Match Cord: 1 Ball of Yarn, 1 Pitcher of Water, 1 Saltpeter, 1 Potash. (Alchemy 25-80)

    Fuse Cord: 1 Black Powder, 1 Ball of Yarn, 1 Water, 1 Potash.

    ** How to get the items to make the Cannon's Charge and Prime.**

    Black Powder: Requires 85-100 Alchemy and you will need 1 Sulfurous Ash, 6 Saltpeter, 1 Charcoal.

    Saltpeter: Acquired from Alchemist NPC on the Sea Market.

    Charcoal: Cooking skill 0-50 and requires 1 board.

    Potashes: 1 Boards or Logs, 1 Pitcher of Water. (Alchemy 0-50)


    Please "HELP" donate if you can somthing is always better then nothing but also, I will make the items for you. All you need to do is leave the mats in a bag within my mailbox with a book and your name so i know who to return it to.