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EM Announcement Arirang EM Website Changes

Discussion in 'Arirang EM Forum' started by EM Hanarin, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. EM Hanarin

    EM Hanarin UO Event Moderator
    UO Event Moderator Stratics Veteran UO Event Moderator

    Dec 28, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Good day.

    First of all, I would like to say thank you for your generosity and support even I failed you last time. I am very impressed by your kindness. Yes, I have to keep moving but this will be an important lesson to me that I should not doing the same mistake ever again.

    So now, I would like to talk about the new EM website. It would be small progress for Korean players but to foreigners, it could be regress because some of functions, such as a translator and event indicator, are not working properly now. I am keep working on it and I am not sure how much time will it take but I will keep trying. I want you to understand that my major is not computing and even I know nothing about computing before I start this HTML thing. I am having hard time with books. :p

    Anyway, as some of functions are not working properly. I am posting this thread to help you with new website. I am pretty sure that most of you who visit my website wants to see the event information. I tried to my best to make it comfortable to find it.


    This is the part of main page of the new Arirang EM website. As you can see above title has written in both Korean and English. Although there's no content you need to see rest of the menus because they are information of Ultima Online just like UO.com. I have been translate UO.com contents for Korean players who having trouble with understanding English.

    If you can see the 1 in right below of the image, you can see the counter indicates 0:0:0. It means how much time left till next event. It will indicate as days, hours, minutes, seconds. And keep falling as time goes by.


    And you can see the latest news in left side of the page. You can see "EVENT" at the top of thumbnail. Event news will be categorized as event so you won't miss it. When you click it, you can see entire article. I am posting with both Korean and English so you can easily read the information about the event.

    Also I have received some emails that you cannot find how to contact with me. If you want send any feedbacks or opinions, you can send me an e-mail through [Support] tab in main menus and then there is [Sending Feedback] section bottom of the page.

    This is the basic introduction of how to search event news and how much time left till the event starts. I hope you this thread helps you to join the event in future.

    If you having problem with connecting to the new EM website, just hit the link below:


    I have established 1GB traffics and tried to provide you better connection speed but the web hosting I am using now is located in Korea so probably it is slower than used to be. I want you to understand that. However, if there is any problem occurs, please contact me with this thread or send me a feedback through support tab in website or send me an email through here.

    Thank you, and I will announce event schedule as soon as possible. See you in Britannia!

    EM Hanarin​