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Information - TnT/TnA

Quick Overview

We make our own rules!
Created at:
Jun 25, 2014
Discussion Messages:


TnT, Treasure and Treachery, is our primary guild. We formed on Siege Perilous in July, 2005. All skill sets are welcome to join whether you are into PvM, PvP, PKing, Crafting, Treasure Hunting, champion spawns or slaying vorpal bunnies. Our guild does it all, from running vendor houses to conquering the Abyss! We are a fun group of like-minded individuals who enjoy all of what Ultima Online has to offer.

TnA, Terror and Anarchy, is our faction guild. If warfare and taking over the cities of Britannia is your thing, this is the guild for you. We are not loyal to any particular faction, as our primary goal is to wreak as much havoc upon the lands of Sosaria as possible! We do not live by the rules of others. We make our own rules.



There are no rules. We simply rule!

Membership Requirements

Because teamwork and communication is an essential part of our gameplay, the use of a mic and Ventrilo is required.


  • Siege Perilous