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Skills in Ultima Online

Ultima Online's sandbox style of game play allows players to mix in any combination of the 58 skills available. Skills serve different purposes and some naturally work better together or augment another. Because of this skills are typically associated with a specific category which may have just a few skills in it or numerous related skills. Each skill available is listed below, by category. By clicking on the name of, or the icon for each skill you can visit the individual skill page.

Miscellaneous Skills

Begging Forensic Evaluation Item Identification Taste Identification
Begging Forensic Evaluation Item Identificaiton Taste Identification

Combat Skills

Anatomy Archery Fencing Focus Healing Mace Fighting
Anatomy Archery Fencing Focus Healing Mace Fighting
Parrying Swordsmanship Tactics Throwing Wrestling
UO Parrying.png UO Swordsmanship.png UO Tactics.png UO Throwing.png UO Wrestling.png

Crafting Skills

Alchemy Arms Lore Blacksmithing Carpentry Cartography Cooking
Alchemy Arms Lore Blacksmithing Carpentry Cartography Cooking
Fletching Inscription Lumberjacking Mining Tailoring Tinkering
UO Fletchinng.png UO Inscription.png UO Lumberjacking.png UO Mining.png UO Tailoring.png UO Tinkering.png

Magic Skills

Bushido Chivalry Magery Resisting Spells Meditation Evaluating Intelligence
UO Bushido.png UO Chivalry.png UO Magery.png UO Resisting Spells.png UO Meditation.png UO Evaluating Intelligence.png
Necromancy Ninjitsu Spellweaving Spirit Speak Mysticism Imbuing
UO Necromancy.png UO Ninjitsu.png UO Spellweaving.png UO Spirit Speak.png UO Mysticism.png UO Imbuing.png

Wilderness Skills

Animal Lore Animal Taming Camping Fishing Herding Tracking Veterinary
UO Animal Lore.png UO Animal Taming.png UO Camping.png UO Fishing.png UO Herding.png UO Tracking.png UO Veterinary.png

Thief Skills

Detecting Hidden Hiding Lock Picking Poisoning Remove Trap Snooping
UO Detecting Hidden.png UO Hiding.png UO Lock Picking.png UO Poisoning.png UO Remove Trap.png UO Snooping.png
Stealing Stealth
UO Stealing.png UO Stealth.png

Bard Skills

Discordance Musicianship Peacemaking Provocation
UO Discordance.png UO Musicianship.png UO Peacemaking.png UO Provocation.png